TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

Style tip for summer: Show some skin

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows viewers how to kick their wardrobes up a notch while staying flattering, fashionable and feminine.

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>>> it is time for "today's style" and we are taking your look from good to so good. we all have those go-to outfits that we think we look great in.

>> we'll show you how to take those looks to a whole new level --

>> who's here?

>> one of our favorite people, b.t.!

>> we love this segment. it's really taken off.

>> really excited. everybody has sent their photos. most of the photos looked great.

>> ashton from virginia.

>> i really liked what ashton was doing here. trying to combine a few pieces and style a look. but, what i thought she could do -- she looks so good -- was to open up a little bit. when you see the side by side , it is a really subtle difference but sometimes when you want to look polished you don't need to cover up so much. the high neckline was kind of overpowering her. pushing the sleeves up to her elbow really opens you up.

>> is that a watch you took off --

>> we took off the watch just to kind of show a little more skin, a little less going on. i made the nude shoes.

>> nice.

>> francine from the dominican republic .

>> francine was so adorable. i really liked her outfit so i wanted to kind of play with proportion. this is something i talk about in my book, the power of style. i loved the color, i loved the straw hat . the pants. if you see the side by side , francine 's top was a little long for her which actually made her look a little shorter. but if you raised the top and you you give her a wider pant, that balances her shoulders, she'll look a lot taller instantly. if you're looking -- you can can look online, go to, and get bobbi's type advice. but this is something that can really help.

>> charlotte.

>> charlotte tweeted i want to see what you can do with this. i love that she's having fun with fashion. what i did is very subtle. i think she might be interested -- if you see the side by side -- cropping her jeans. it looks so good because the jeans are a statement but they're not taking her over. you'll see her first and then notice the great pants. then the nude shoe.

>> a leaner line.

>> the white shoe was actually pulling more attention, it was another thing to look at. if you're going to make a statement with something bold like a graphic dress or pair of pants, just go for that statement and try to let everything else fall away.

>> this is a go-to summer outfit, t-shirt and jean shorts. most people are like, okay, what are you going to do with that? this is a styling tip. wanted to switch her into a more feminine top. jeans are more masculine and opposites attract. going with something a little softer and flowy brings it all together.

>> simple thing like changing the top.

>> literally all i changed. something really simple. if she wanted to stick with that t-shirt, make the shorts white so it kind of blends together.

>> lisa from texas.

>> she's wearing a dolman sleeve top that you'll's see everywhere in stores right now, it is back. here's the deal. some body types it will work for, but on her if you get rid of the sleeves and you see the side by side , it is amazing how instantly it changes her figure. sometimes those doll man sleeves can make you look really broad on the top for our body type . if you have broad shoulders and a narrow hip, that's actually going to help and make it softer but in her case she could really useless volume.

>> we love you, bobbi!

>>> coming up, the next big