TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

‘Turbo’ actors meet for the first time

Although actors Luis Guzman and Michael Peña portray brothers in the upcoming animated film “Turbo,” the two have never met face to face. They reveal what it’s like to lend their voices to an animated film and serve up a few snacks for KLG + H.

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>>> we have done something we don't often do. we came outside.

>> to watch hoda's hair frizz.

>> oh with, my god.

>> anything could happen. that's right. we're here because a new animated film is coming out called "turbo." the actors in it, michael pena , and luis guzman are actors but they play brothers in this movie and they've never met before so they are going to actually meet for the very first time right now. the brothers who own a taco business called dos bros tacos. we're going to go to a clip -- tape.

>> that doesn't sound crazy. dos bros tacos and sushi? that was crazy.

>> what? people love sushi.

>> taco man and his sidekick -- oh, that was off the hook crazy!

>> crazy awesome. but this is in a category all by itself.

>> oh, my god.

>> now for the big moment.

>> who's in the taco truck .

>> that's luis . hello, luis !

>> hey, michael pena !

>> what's up, bro?

>> oh, man.

>> look at you two.

>> i can't take it.

>> hello. welcome. nice to see you.

>> now you guys had met before this moment at some point?

>> never. we play brothers.

>> you were separate.

>> that's darn good acting.

>> we were separated at birth, and then we did a movie together and i was like that's my long lost brother.

>> so tell us why there is a taco truck with us here today, gang.

>> you got to have food where w whereever you travel. you got to have good food. so it is our version of good tacos and --

>> but you play brothers who are in a struggling taco business.

>> we are taco salesman. i meet turbo and we have like little snail races or whatnot. my son loves the movie, by the way. i have this bright idea, like if we have a fast snail, why don't we just put him in the indy 500 and he thinks i'm crazy for it. i don't know why.

>> who's behind this picture? who's the filmmaker?

>> dreamworks.

>> they put a lot of money into this thing!

>> what did your kids think of this?

>> my kids? they haven't seen it yet. they're all teenagers but they'll be seeing it with me tonight.

>> now is this something for teenage kids, too or more for the younger kids?

>> oh, no, man. think is for the younger kids all the way up to senior citizens . it just catches so many gray elements of fun, of life, of --

>> real life lessons for grown-ups. what are they?

>> i mean like two sets of brothers that are dreamers that want to do something with their lives. i'm like, to be honest with you, just like us. we did have to do some kind of dreaming first to get where we are at.

>> when you first told your family you wanted to be actors, what was the reaction?

>> "please, go! please, just get out of here." no, i'm kidding. but i grew up really poor. like, hey, you want to go? go.

>> how about you, luis .

>> hey, what are you thinking? get a real job. "that is a real job, mom."

>> but did you bring us a taco, guys?

>> this is your first time on the show so the answer is, yes, it is party time . you guys, we wish you the best of luck.

>> we wish you great success. with dreamworks behind you, i don't think it is going to be a problem. to "turbo," opening i got a feeling this friday in theaters everywhere. oh, july 17th . okay.