TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

5 simple, slimming food swaps

If you’re willing to trade five everyday foods for substitutes lower in calories, you could lose between 2 and 20 pounds by the end of the summer. TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer shares some of her top slimming switches.

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>>> are you trying to slim down for your summer vacation ? maybe drop the last five pounds?

>> trade five every day foods for something lower in calories and you could lose between 2 and 20 pounds by the end of this summer. getting you started today, joy.

>> these are easy swaps. everybody can do them and by the end of augur down 20 pounds.

>> let's start with our morning cup of coffee .

>> most people are putting in cream and half and half . i'm saying mix that instead. unsweetened vanilla almond milk .

>> no sugar in the coffee.

>> instead of two to three packets absolutely but have one packet instead. if you do this every single day, by the end of the summer from this one little tip, you are saving your body from 4 and a half sticks of butter.

>> really?

>> and two and a third cups of sugar and you'll drop two pounds.

>> that's disgusting.

>> we'll throw to our dieting diva. you can see she trimmed her belly by two pounds.

>> give her a round of applause.

>> now a sandwich.

>> tip two is to slim down your sammy. lose the top layer of bred, you save 100 calories. the extra slice of cheese another 100 calories and if you chip the mayo another 14u7b calories and you can go for hot sauce or humus or salsa or light mayo. you will save your body from 60 slices of bred. 60 slices of cheese and just under four cups of mayo but the best part, you drop 6 pounds if you have one every single day. look at her. she is down 8 pounds total now.

>> okay. she's going to be ready for a bikini.

>> everybody loves pasta.

>> so you have the same hearty bowl of pasta but instead of two cups of noodles at 500 calories i'm proposing one cup of vegetables mixed with the noodles. if you do this just 3 times per week, you'll drop another 2 pounds. so now she is down a total, our dieting diva, ten pounds. you can really start to see her stomach trimming down significantly.

>> the sauce on top.

>> absolutely. sauce is fine. one tcup vegetables, one cup noodles .

>> the sugar ri drink.

>> this is liquid candy. it's going to clock in at about 200 calories. instead, what you're going to do is fill your glass with any of the naturally flavored celtzers and add a shot of fruit juice. it's delicious. just 30 calories. do this twice a day, which is pretty doable because people drink so many of these drinks, you'll wind up dropping, let's put our diva up there. she's going to be down a total of 13 pounds by the end of the summer . frozen yogurt . if you get two toppings and it's a medium at the frozen yogurt soft serves, 440 calories. instead take a nonfat flavored yogurt, in the freezer for 10 or 15 minutes . it gets frostie, delicious, add dark chocolate chips, 170 calories. do that every day, another 7 pounds . she is down 20 pounds.

>> she did not have 20 pounds to lose in the first place.

>> oh yeah.

>> that's the white girl dance.