TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

Nick Cannon: ‘Wild ‘n Out’ back ‘by popular demand’

After a six-year hiatus, Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘n Out” is returning to television on MTV 2. Cannon talks about the show’s comeback, as well as his wife Mariah Carey’s recent injury on a video set.

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>>> and out is coming back. take a look.

>> yo nick you got a lot of jobs you deserve to boast, you know what they say, those that can't do host.

>> all right. you lucky to be here. where's your four leaf clover. i just check mid watch. your 15 minutes are over.

>> wow, that's a slam.

>> we get wild there.

>> great to see you.

>> great to see you guys too. we all kind of match.

>> before we talk about this great new show, let's talk about your wife. she dislocated her shoulder last week.

>> yeah it was serious. not only did she dislocate her shoulder, she actually cracked a rib and she has a, like a bone she chipped her shoulder bone during the video shoot. she was in this nice beautiful gown, heels on and everything and was kind of on this platform and reached and kind of slipped and fell on her whole side. but she's such a trooper. i was going to rush to the hospital with her. she was like you get back in there and finish that video and after they put the shoulder back in place and band ageed her up she finished the video. she said this better be a good video.

>> she's a pro.

>> i was going to say how long would it be until she was back on stage.

>> i guess it was an hour.

>> obviously the doctor didn't want her to do anything. she is resting right now. she has a huge show this weekend for, it's a charity show for the sandy victims and stuff. so that's going to be major. she is resting up for that. but i've never seen -- i would be crying and like passed out if something like that happened. but she was right back to work.

>> give her our best. look forward to seeing her back on the stage. six years off. there's a whole audience that hasn't seen the show. explain it.

>> it's improv comedy and hip hop mixed together. i created this show with my friends cat williams and stuff we would all get together backstage at a comedy club and act silly. it was like my version of dean martin , like, i never saw it as a show that could do 60 to 70 episodes but it got so popular, even back by popular demand . people wanted it.

>> on mtv. let's bring it back and have more fun.

>> you got a little game for us.

>> wild n out game.

>> it's called three words after.

>> they do this on facebook or twitter. you give a scenario and what would be the three words after that. only three words.

>> okay.

>> so you know, it could be any scenario and it has to be three words after that.

>> keep it clean.

>> keep it clean. morning television.

>> one at a time on this.

>> okay. what's the scenario.

>> okay, three words after winning the lottery.

>> see ya . out of here.

>> is see ya one word.

>> that's like seven words natalie.

>> best case scenario that's four.

>> see ya is one, outta is one, here.

>> okay.

>> but it was good though. as long as it's funny it works.

>> you won. no you lose.

>> he didn't have to do it.

>> i want to ask about your album. i love the title. white people party music . tell me about it.

>> i always say no matter what party you go to white people are having more fun than everybody. they know how to have a good time. standing on stuff and based off of -- it's obviously to make fun of the whole scenario of dance music and all of that. good times, fun, white people