TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

7 non-digital summer games, activities

Video games and smart tablets have captured kids’ attention, but if you’re tired of seeing your children focused on screens, Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schact shares a lineup of playthings that go beyond digital.

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>> now to a task we parents all deal with every day. trying to get your kids unglued from the tv, the tablets and the video games .

>> here with fun games to get your kids away from the digital screens and never looking back is lori. the toy insider mom.

>> good morning.

>> this is my struggle right now. the kids are glued to their iphone.

>> when we were kids, we played catch and we played tags but the screens are competing for their attention and we need to balance it with old fashioned fun.

>> toys.

>> right.

>> let's take a look.

>> construction, i love. it's a great activity. it keeps them engaged for hours. lots of great developmental skills and new innovation in traditional building toys. this is light up construction. these are 8-1 sets. there's a couple of them. air, land and sea and each one the kids can make 8 different models. it's cool because when they're done they can put on this great little light show.

>> this is something the parents are going to have to make?

>> i don't know, they're doing a great job on their own.

>> now we have kinect. kids love roller coasters . we can deny gravity with this.

>> cool.

>> got a little stuck there. so this set is 448 pieces. you can build it almost 3 feet tall . this is the amazing 8 and it's part of a whole new amusement set line. so it's really fun.

>> michael is building something there as well. thank you.

>> right. now what girl doesn't love a little bling. this comes with all of the tools that girls need to create and customize all their own accessories.

>> what are you making carla?

>> oh, okay.

>> she's very busy.

>> these are huge. i have seen them everywhere.

>> i have been such a fan of bananagrams for so long. it's a great family game . they're building words and expanding their vocabulary. now we have jumbo bananagrams. look at these tiles.

>> like scrabble.

>> they're making cross word puzzles but they're water proof. take it to the beach, take it to the pool. everyone can play.

>> okay.

>> what do we have over here?

>> suction construction. let me let you --

>> that's fun.

>> yes, take these. put these together. each end has suction cups. they'll stick to any hard surface including the wall and a bathtub. when you take them apart you get this cool pop sound.

>> i love that. something so satisfying about that, right?

>> right.

>> you having fun ?

>> right. okay. archery made a big come back like heroins from katnis like hunger games. this is the air huntress. a great little loading system. hold back. this is go up to 125 feet. they have soft tips. a lot of fun.

>> clearly archery is not my thing.

>> that's bad.

>> okay. so this is a motorized go-cart. goes up to 12 miles per hour. when you lift the bar you get this whole crazy cart mode.

>> can you go straight too.