TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

Ryan Reynolds takes on anchors in skee-ball race

In honor of Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming film “Turbo,” he challenges the TODAY anchors to a skee-ball race starring the movie’s speedy snails.

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we have been counting down to our big ski ball competition all morning long. the waiting is over. it's time to get started.

>> it is. ryan reynolds will be manning turbo , your nail from the movie. we have an expert here. an nbc sports commentator. he is going to call the race. at this point, lee, i have to turn it over to you.

>> we're ready to go. this is going to be a lot of fun. the guys that do it for reel behind us. the indy car series champion and the three time indy 500 winner and this year's winner tony kanaan . willie and natalie cheated a little bit before. they got practice. so matt at the far end. savannah, ready to go?

>> am i ever. the reigning champ ready to wave the green flag for the turbo 500. 3, 2, 1, go.

>> all right. who is going to score the most point? ryan 's in the middle. he's looking really good. good work for natalie . we need more. we need more. turbo off to a good start. the one we wanted to win is winning. he's doing a great job. what do you think.

>> they're doing a good job. look at ryan -- ryan is on it.

>> he's the man.

>> he raced motorcycles for 17 years. showing that speed. willie is picking it up. willie is on the outside. go willie . he's making a big move on the far side . savannah is coming back. matt has momentum. natalie is looking sluggish. skidmark needs to get going.

>> turbo doing a great job in the middle. here comes matt on the outside. look at smooth move making a move. this is remarkable. smooth move is ahead of turbo . go matt, go. off savannah, whiplash, we need whiplash. let's get going savannah.

>> i'm sorry.

>> smooth move is in the lead of the turbo 500. tony, what do you think.

>> turbo is going to have the last draw i think.

>> here comes skidmark. what about turbo . turbo needs to pick it up. whiplash needs a little bit more.

>> look at turbo go.

>> yeah.

>> look at turbo go. ryan reynolds .

>> wait a minute.

>> let's hear it for turbo .

>> that was fantastic.

>> i had no idea.

>> absolutely.

>> you know what happened, i glanced over in the middle of the race, he went to the turbo .

>> i did not.

>> you brought out the turbo on morning tv.

>> in my defense, in my defense, the film is called turbo , not matt lauer . so i had to win.

>> do i wear it i'll be fine on the ride home.

>> it looks really good.

>> this is the training ground of champions.

>> it is inappropriate to whip out the turbo on morning tv.