TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

Drawing comfort foods may make you happier

According to a new study by the Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science, drawing pictures of unhealthy foods like pizza and cupcakes can actually boost your mood.

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>> of the wall street journal , we want to take ten seconds here. i have given you each a piece of paper and a marker. i want you each to draw your favorite comfort food . whatever comes to mind, take ten seconds and draw a picture of it right now.

>> why do i feel like i'm going to regret this?

>> my pen doesn't work.

>> pens down.

>> all right. ladies let's see what you drew?

>> you can't really see.

>> pizza.

>> okay. cheese and wine. that's not bad.

>> now let me ask you this. do you feel better after having drawn those pictures? because the journal reports that a new study that says drawing pictures of unhealthy food can lift your spirits. drawing made me happier this morning. i did this one of pizza.

>> really? nice.

>> yeah.

>> take out a little plate and everything --

>> no, i only had ten seconds. so drawing which foods did the trick? well, according to this, pizza was found to boost attitudes by about 28% of people. cupcakes weren't far behind. 27%. strawberries 22%. forget the pepper, it only lead to 1%.

>> i just drew a picture of george clooney .