TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

Ryan Reynolds: ‘Turbo’ is about ‘an impossible dream’

The actor chats about voicing the fast-moving snail Turbo in the upcoming animation film of the same name, saying everyone can “relate” to the story of perseverance.

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look who joined us here. ryan reynolds here. he provides the voice for turbo in the movie about the snail that dreams of winning the indy 500 .

>> we set up a very elaborate race. we'll play ski ball connected to a character from the movie. we'll see who gets to the top.

>> elaborate.

>> do you play ski ball.

>> i have not. i should have been training.

>> are you competitive?

>> i'm a little competitive. this is full contact right.

>> yes, eye gouging, place slamming.

>> i'm a biter.

>> she was the arizona state champ of ski ball in elementary school .

>> are you kidding me?

>> and i spent time in a ski ball league.

>> oh, so you're a ringer.

>> not a problem.

>> that's not fair.

>> can i ask you about the movie though, a snail that dreams of winning the indy 500 . snails i think slow. how does this happen.

>> you think slow, you think delicious but no, in fact, this is about a guy with an impossible dream . winning the indy 500 . i said what's so crazy about that. he said he's a snail. i said you better animate this movie because what a painful production that's going to be. i love it. i fell in love with it from the day we started working on it. it's a long process, these movies. just to see it evolve and come here today which is slightly elaborate thing we have going who are.

>> let's show a clip from the movie. this great relationship with your brother, a fellow snail. let's take a look.

>> can you please go to sleep.

>> sleep, are you kidding me? it takes hours to come down after a big race like this.

>> yeah, i bet.

>> you were a rookie starting out in the indy life, did you ever dream you'd be standing here today.

>> as my dear father always told me, no dream is too big, and no dreamer too small.

>> i think i read ryan you really see part of yourself in this snail. do you mean physically? a hard shell?

>> yes, i leave a thick coating of slime everywhere i go. no i do. i think we all have somebody in our lives that said you're not good enough, you're not fast enough, tall enough, smart enough, you can't do it or you shouldn't do it and i think everyone relates to that and to be able to be able to move beyond that, it's a beautiful message.

>> it's a message movie for kids especially but also funny on the adult level.

>> absolutely.

>> you get to record your voice for this and because you are a megastar they accommodate you and your busy schedule. tell me about some of the places you recorded for this.

>> i recorded this thing all over the place. i recorded a little bit in london. i did it in new york quite a bit as well. l.a. you can kind of do it anywhere you are. it's a great job.

>> in pajamas and things like that.

>> pajamas. you can go in your mumu. and you don't have to sit there and make -- this is six hours of scaffolding construction and heavy base they put on my face to trot out here. you don't have to do that for this.

>> you have a real problem.

>> it must be hard to do one of these animated films because you're so often alone in your outfit drinking your beer or whatever you got to do but you got to work with paul that plays your brother.

>> i did. that's rare in this world. i did another one this year but i met nicholas cage at the premiere. that was the first time i met him. so i have been talking to him for years but that was the first time i met him.

>> how do you now handle this coming weekend? you have this movie opening another movie, ripd. if you just had $12, only $12, where would you put that $12? on what ticket.

>> the good news and i have a diplomatic answer for you is "turbo opens on the 12th and the other opens on the 19th.

>> only $12 for the whole weekend.

>> that's a brutal question.

>> that would be bad.

>> so you're prepared for the race.

>> i am.

>> anything we need to know , you know what the snail said when he was riding on the turtle.

>> wee.

>> it's a little humor from matt lauer .

>> this is the same budget as your average 6-year-old birthday party on the upper west side right there.

>> just another day at the "today" show here ryan.

>> turbo opens on the 17th and ripd on the 19th.