TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

Retailers get early start on back-to-school ads

Early July is the time of year when kids jump into summer and parents scramble to keep them occupied, but many retailers are already rolling out ads for back-to-school shopping. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports on the early start.

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>> ads? we just finished celebrating the fourth of july and retailers are already pushing their back to school bargains. kristen is here with more on that. good morning to you.

>> good morning matt. yeah, christmas sales start in october so it wouldn't be a big sur prize. they're trying to get every penny they can and making the most of every spending opportunity. getting you to think about pencils and backpacks before summer vacation can even get started.

>> reporter: early july, the time of year when kids jump into summer and parents scramble to keep them occupied. but many retailers are now singing a different tune it's the most wonderful time of the year

>> time to shop for school supplies, already? are they kidding? absolutely not says advertising age magazine. this year back to school web deals and circulars are popping up earlier than ever.

>> we started seeing back to school marketing before july 4th which is just unheard of. retailers are trying to grab as much consumer dollars as they can.

>> turns out protractors and number two pencils mean big profits for retailers. the back to school season is second only for the winter holidays with americans spending 84 billion a year on school supplies. the average family costs nearly $700 a year. but according to a survey, three out of four consumers say the economy will impact their school spending in 2013 . retailers are offering incentives to those that shop early.

>> if you can buy them in early july you can find deals out there. you have justice offering 40% off backpacks. walmart with free shipping on school uniforms and school supplies. staples started marketing it's savings pass.

>> reporter: will deals be enough to entice parents to put down the sunscreen and stop back to school shopping?

>> depends on how the videos are.

>> the last thing any kid or mother wants to think about is going back to school .

>> you're trying to decompress a little bit and you're putting the air back in the bubble, you know?

>> reporter: who knows, if you beat the rush now, maybe you can feel a great deal on some mistletoe.

>> reporter: walmart will roll out it's back to school displays this year. kmart and sears don't have them up yet. there's always the fear of backlash. i know a lot of kids that don't want to hear the word school just yet.

>> shopping sounds okay.

>> chrkristen, thank you. look who joined us here. ryan reynolds here. he provides the voice for turbo in the movie about the snail that dreams of winning the indy 500 .