TODAY   |  July 09, 2013

British designers share royal nursery ideas

As Prince William and Duchess Catherine anticipate the imminent arrival of their first child, British interior designers have been publishing inspiration for lavish royal nurseries. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> back at 7:49 with the royal baby watch in london.

>> the future heir to the thrown could make his or her debut any day now. michelle kosinski is on duty at st. mary's hospital. good morning to you.

>> good morning. this is it. this is the place where the world's press has descended. it's where princess diana had her boys and where kate will very, very soon give birth to the royal heir. the only thing that's missing is her. she has been spending her time-out of the public eye preparing her new home and nursery which in themselves generated enormous interest. the palace won't be ready for william and kate until possibly october but inside is certain to be a royal nursery unlike any before it. designers have been publishing their ideals, traditional with globe and crowns. and the hand blown glass balloon lamps, shiny castle slide and a map at the baby's feet.

>> you wanted to inspire the baby to take over the world one day?

>> i think to be able to, in a very contemporary sense be aware of what's out there.

>> the cost of creating a nursery like this? like george banks in father of the bride , between 1 and $250,000.

>> don't go nuts, george.

>> royal nurseries of the past tended to borrow more from a prison theme. grim furniture, nothing on the walls. this little prince had a parrot. even william and harry were still kept in the attic.

>> kids were out of sight, out of mind. royal nurseries were about forming a kind of culturaled individual who was more than anything comfortable with formality. these days, the royal baby needs to be a grounded person. so i think there needs to be fun in there.

>> what every royal nursery must have, a rocking horse . queen elizabeth adored hers. and in england, you find masters of the craft. workshops devoted to them.

>> you can go anywhere on a rocking horse .

>> even modern visions of this future monarch's first home include a first horse. welcome to all things royal . so when william and kate leave the hospital here they will likely head to their small cottage or possibly kate 's parent's home with their child of course who will be called his or her royal highness , the prince or princess, whatever the name is, most likely matt or savannah, of cambridge. back to you guys.

>> don't forget natalie.

>> it will be interesting to see who wents to the hospital first, the parents or natalie morales .