TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

KLG, Hoda weigh in on Spitzer, Deen, sexism

BBC’s John Inverdale’s sexist remarks on Wimbledon’s Marion Bartoli set the stage for Kathie Lee and Hoda’s rant about how male public figures can get away with more while women’s reputations suffer. The ladies also discuss the beauty benefits and pitfalls of sex.

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>> hey, everybody. hope you had a fabulous fourth of july holiday. hopefully you had a couple of days off but it is now fun day monday and time to get back to work.

>> get on the saddle.

>> july 8th . and i had a lovely weekend. how about you? you were up at rehoboth .

>> i was up in rehoboth where they asked for you, girl.

>> ad nauseam ?

>> it was a scorcher. my mom and i went together. a mother/daughter trip. we had a blast. we saw fireworks from the top of the sands hotel . and that's my --

>> that's the end of brooklyn avenue, i believe.

>> on the boardwalk.

>> that's where we lived.

>> on brooklyn avenue. that's where my mom and dad had the rehoboth inn.

>> this was the crowd before the fireworks. it jammed all the way up. no room at all after that. and there were beautiful fireworks which i took a video of. you know how fireworks never look good on video, especially when you shoot it?

>> yeah, i should have really just --

>> and i say that as a person who can't shoot video at all.

>> i have to say that --

>> were all these pictures worth taking, hoda?

>> no, but look.

>> wow. that was pretty good.

>> yeah. on my iphone. so we did that. and then at the very end of it, my brother, his wife and daughters were somewhere else . they sent us a picture of hannah and ella. they are so decked out in their face painted --

>> oh, look at this. they are so adorable.

>> it was a scorcher. were you not burning up?

>> it was 100 --

>> the heat index it was well over 100. we can't complain. you know what it's like in death valley ?

>> scorcher.

>> yeah, yeah. but the worst part, most people have air conditioning . you can get in and out of it. people's power was going off. people's power all over the place.

>> a lot of people lost power.

>> tough to sleep in that sort of stuff. i did get a little photo of -- remember cinnamon lee? you aren't the only one with a new dog. i gave cinnamon lee, look how he's growing.

>> he's huge. cinnamon lee is humongous. he was like in your hand.

>> that's collin.

>> is he full grown?

>> i don't know. we'd have to find out. remember he is -- he was in my hand and that was collin. i really did the wrong thing. thank god turned out nice.

>> that was a little bit of panic when you gave that dog away and the mother said, don't you give me a dog and then make me have to take it home. it turned out to be the best blessing. it's just so great.

>> a lot of people who were home yesterday watched wimbledon . and a lot of people were waiting because andy murray was playing in the finals. he played last year, too. and a brit hadn't won in 77 years. he just made history for england. you can feel the --

>> good for them.

>> -- entire country just exhale. it was straight sets and it was beautiful. and then a lot of people didn't pay attention to the women's finals because nobody knew who those two girls were who were playing.

what made news was what a bbc announcer said.

>> john inverndale, who shall remain nameless. he inferred that bartoli -- just focus on him --

>> had to work hard because, quote, she's never going to be a looker. that's what he said.

>> that is just so stunningly ignorant to say that.

>> listen to his sound bite .

>> i just wonder if her dad did say to her when she was 12, 13, 14 maybe, listen, you are never going to be, you know, a looker. you are never going to be somebody like a sharapova who is going to be -- you're never going to be 5'11", somebody with long legs so you to compensate for that. you are going to have to be the most dogged, determined fighter that anyone has ever seen on the tennis court if you're going to make it, and she kind of is.

>> wow. i hope he got in a lot of trouble for it. i don't want him to be fired. no, don't paula deen him, okay. don't paula deen him. it's not right. but how insensitive.

>> what an idiot.

>> i'm not going to be rude and say, you know anything about his looks. but why is it that it's okay for these men to say anything they want about women and -- with immunity.

>> it totally drives you crazy. she had a very classy reaction.

>> she was very gracious. she said it doesn't matter. i'm not blond, yes, that is a fact. have i dreamt of having a model contract? no, i'm sorry. i have dreamt about winning wimbledon .

>> i'm not a blond really either. you know what i'm saying? if she wants to be a blond she can go out and make herself blond. how many can go out there and win wimbledon ?

>> listening to a guy like that after the girl had the day of her life.

>> i know.

>> this is going to go down in history. so insensitive and ridiculous.

>> what was the outcry from it?

>> it seems to be the only thing people were talking about when it came to that match because they were two players we hadn't heard.

>> now a bbc rep commented. he said we accept this remark was insensitive. and for that we apologize.

>> that's a lame apology.

>> how about he should say something, not let his rep. we don't know who wehe whe was to begin with.

>> can we talk about the papers in new york ?

>> this was a big national story.

>> do you guys remember eliot spitzer ? okay. anyway, let's look at the paper. hold on. it says "here we ho again." he was caught with a prostitute and it was during his political career. and he ended up making a comeback on television that ended up failing. and now he's run --

>> an attempted comeback.

>> now he's running for comptroller in new york .

>> what does a comptroll do? they guard your money, right?

>> yeah, you know, i had lunch with his wife after this happened. and was so impressed with her and liked her very, very much. she never left him until they are saying now allegedly they are separated now. and i wonder if indeed it's true if it was because he said i'm going back into it. i said i'm going to go back into politics and she said i can't take that anymore. that would have been perhaps a reason. and i may be completely off, but at that time when i had lunch with her, she decided this was the man she loves. they had a life together, children together. and, you know, nobody should -- she's a beautiful woman.

>> gorgeous.

>> and nobody should ever judge somebody else's decision. we don't know anybody else's marriage.

>> what's interesting about spitzer running for this office, he's competing against kristin davis , the ex-madam who supplied him with call girls .

>> then they won't have to --

>> they won't have to waste time on pleasantries. they know each other already.

>> what is it about these guys? it's so interesting.

>> anthony weiner leading the mayoral race here in new york .

>> you think about all these guys that do things that are guys behaving badly , terribly --

>> but paula deen gets fired?

>> come on.

>> i know, the punishment ain't fitting the crime.

>> look at lance armstrong . lance armstrong has been banned from competitive bicycling. he got a lot of public scrutiny for what he did. he went on oprah trying to redeem himself. it didn't work. now he wants to ride again, not competitively, but in this great bicycle ride across iowa.

>> who doesn't want to do that?

>> anyway --

>> how i spent my summer vacation. i guess for cycling enthusiasts, it's a thrill.

>> here's his quote. he says, i encourage people, if they want to give a high-five, great. if they want to shoot me the bird, tweet, tweet. it's okay, too, i'm a big boy and i made my bed and i get to sleep in it.

>> i get to sleep in it sounds like it's -- i get to -- that doesn't make sense. i've never felt his apology was -- i think it was something he had to do. there are certain people, and i have only met him. i don't know him. you can tell sometimes when someone is truly sorry and when they are sorry they got caught.

>> i remember when he was talking about somebody in the group who he lied about and he said, when they said you ruined so and so's life and he said there are so many people honestly, i don't remember how many people's lives i ruined.

>> i'd like to see him do something positive with his life to benefit people. not just, i miss cycling. i want to be riding again.

>> very good point.

>> go out and help somebody and get a new image out there of somebody that cares about somebody other than yourself.

>> no, i agree. it's a big question, though. why does it seem like men get a pass whether it's lance armstrong , eliot spitzer or anthony weiner . you look at someone like paula deen who said some things very, very inappropriate but isn't an innately bad person at all and she's getting totally maligned and she's one of these people who is a leper now. her business has gone to pot.

>> it's really not right.

>>> anyway, you know what could also be true?

>> what?

>> george clooney might be single again. yep, yep. he's not been seen with stacy keibler since march. timing is an interesting thing.

>> they spent their july 4th apart.

>> isn't he making that mountain men movie in europe?

>> oh, maybe that's part of it.

>> well, people like that are often separated because of their work loads. i don't know exactly what stacey does still. she does -- i really don't. i think she makes appearances. she does a lot of events and things like that. we don't know if it's true or not. but george was photographed boarding a yacht on lake como in italy with friends.

>> and she posted a picture on instagram this weekend with an unidentified male friend in malibu. so --

>> it must be true.

>> when they brought that up this morning we said, what does that mean?

>> oh, but look at that picture.

>> well, maybe it means a little something.

>> now here's something. would you want to be driving down the road in texas and see this?

>> is this art?

>> is this art or is this an ad? an advertisement for either that car or -- oh, you know what? who cares about those. let's talk about regular sex can make you look seven years younger.

>> this doesn't look like art or an advertisement to me.

>>> there's a new study out. if you are having regular sex, good for you because it makes you look -- according to a british psychologist it makes you look seven years younger. it shaves time off your -- age off your appearance. and they say it releases a growth hormone which keeps the skin releasing endorphins and stuff like that. clearly someone is getting it --

>> then i should look 90.

>> stop it.

>>> favorite things.

>> we had such a nice weekend together. i didn't think i could spend four days with frank gifford . i did. we had a great, great, great weekend. thanks to our little friends who joined us over the weekend. mine is two books. i read "that woman, the life of wallace simpson" by the duchess of windsor by ann seva. i knew so little about her but i really found the book fascinating. the other is going to the other extreme. this one is called "heaven hears" by lindy boone michles. she is one of bat boone's daughters. i used to double date with her, the archer brothers when we were both in our teens. she's an absolute sweetheart. her son fell through a skylight and had severe brain trauma. and it's the story of what they went through and how they survived as a family and how he's doing and if -- i think you'll find it deeply, deeply --

>> sounds like a great story. thank you for sharing that.

>> i'm doing an encore thing for both of us. you introduced me to those pants called lizzette pants.

>> they're unbelievable.

>> these pants, by the way, they feel like high waisted pants but they don't look grandma but they cover up the part that needs to be covered. they are slimming pants. they are called lizette pants.

>> the most comfortable pant you'll ever, ever wear.

>> whatever your size is, they -- they are a size smaller in these.

>> i love that.

>> you feel skinnier just by getting them. they are like 119 bucks but --

>> you'll live in them, honestly.

>> those are the ones you wore in this morning?

>> yes.

>> what you got, sara?

>> puffs fresh faces. i'm obsessed with wipes because of all the makeup we use. these are my new kind because they have an aloe and saline that breaks down the makeup. always have a bag of these right now.