TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Soothing your summer sunburn

Dr. Jeanine Downie tells the tips and tricks to minimizing that painful summer burn, including taking the oral antioxidant Heliocare.

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>>> now that the holiday weekend is over and you've come in from the sun you might be left with a little memento of your fun. sunburn.

>> or maybe a heat rash . how about those brown spots that don't fade with time. here with help for all of us is dr. jeannine downey.

>> hello, friends.

>> who is this lovely lady?

>> this is jennifer goldberg. she's my physician assistant and my patient.

>> now we're talking about brown spots. there's an issue with brown spots.

>> what i did was lasered jen's chest right over here about a week and a half ago and you can still see the brown spots right there. she had some little scabs but they are fading out nicely. the xlv laser. we're going to show some video of the laser of me laysering her. that's her. ouch. ouch.

>> how much pain at that point?

>> just a quick sting.

>> it worked but it was very painful.

>> you do it three to four times and it really decreases the brown spots. it's a fantastic laser. use it summer or winter. my patients love it.

>> let's talk about prevention.

>> you look beautiful.

>> this is a topical product. we can give this to your frank for his hands.

>> it takes away the brown spots. has retinoid in it. a lot of patients i'm not seeing until the fall.

>> is that a prescription or --

>> this is something you can buy from the doctor's office.

>> how soon do you see results?

>> probably about a month, i would say. it can be a little bit drying.

>> this is my favorite sunblock. it doesn't make you look pasty. very important. and it's oil-free.

>> you do have great skin. your skin is gorgeous.

>> these are my favorite sprays. aveeno, neutrogena wet skin.

>> beach defense. l'oreal. these are fun sprays.

>> put them on and reapply every two hours to decrease your incidence of skin cancer . 1 in 5 americans will get a skin cancer . so you have to reapply it. these are great for sunburns. it's a topical wound healing gel. very good for insect bites and biafine is good for sunburn and treating heat rash . these are prescription only from the dermatologist's office. this will be the worst mosquito season in a long time because of all the rain. so when you get the biafine or bionect on. then put a band-aid on so you don't scratch it.

>> put the ice on your chest or face where you have a burn. it decreases the inflammation. and taking motrin or something like that will help.

>> aloe vera.

>> for the insect bites and heat rash . just don't pick or scratch at it.

>> we said at the top of the show that having sex regularly can make you look seven years younger. is that true?

>> it really can make you look younger between releasing the human growth factor, boosting circulation and help with your endorphins. i totally agree.

>> i asked you a very good question.

>> it has to be with somebody you like or love.

>> there is such a thing as bad sex. so that could age you.

>> right.

>> it seems to me.

>> all right. what do we have here?

>> the heliocare is sunblock in a pill. it's an spf of 4 and you take the two pills a day and it helps to lengthen the time that you can stay in the sun. it's an anti-oxidant in a pill.

>> you'll be popping those babies.

>> absolutely.

>> and then lumar. a windshield screen for drivewaying in your car because uva rays come right through the glass. this is a window film .

>> and this is san this is spf 50 these hats. these are some sunblock clothes over here.

>> people don't realize that's available.