TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Kris Jenner on multitasking, thriving ‘under the gun’

The reality-TV star, celebrity manager and matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family reveals how she juggles it all and discusses her upcoming talk show, which will feature a new guest co-host every day, starting with TODAY’s very own Kathie Lee.

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>>> all right, kris jenner is probably the most mom in the world. she is managing that ever growing kardashian clan. millions of fans tune in each week to check out e's keeping up with the kardashians , soon you'll be able to catch her on her new show. what's it called?

>> wait for it.

>> " kris ."

>> that must have kept you aupt night wondering what to call that show.

>> do you have theme music and all that stuff?

>> of course.

>> and guess who is going to come co-host with me.

>> i am.

>> i heard a rumor.

>> in a couple of weeks.

>> that's trouble waiting to happen.

>> a lot of booze to be served that day.

>> did we switch to red?

>> it's the only way i drink less of it, if it's red.

>> i've been waiting for my wine.

>> last time i had lunch with kris , it was a real eye opener. for years we went to the ivy and people would come up to me and want my autograph and take my pictures which was always very lovely.

>> throngs of them.

>> but a few.

>> what happened?

>> kris and i go to get our cars and people knock me over to get to kris . i was taking pictures for them. would you take my picture?

>> it was funny.

>> tell us about the grandbaby. how exciting to have a new addition in the kardashian --

>> she's beautiful. and they are so happy. she's pretty cute. she's pretty cute.

>> and how is kim at being a mom? is she learning all the ropes?

>> it's just been a couple of weeks.

>> is she healing really well?

>> everything is good.

>> diaper changing is okay, all that stuff?

>> god, i hope so.

>> grandma ain't doing it. i'll tell you that.

>> i'm sleeping through everything.

>> kanye participating in all of that?

>> they are doing great.

>> okay.

>> good daddy. good mommy. happy, happy. and she's beautiful, so so far, so good.

>> she plans to go back to work because i know you're --

>> oh, yeah.

>> you are just finished taping.

>> we're in the middle of filming season eight of " keeping up with the kardashians ."

>> how your going to be able to do both things?

>> oh, busy girl.

>> organized.

>> one will be part of the other.

>> which you've always been able to do even when you were not in --

>> this is how -- i tlof because it's how i operate at my very best when i'm under the gun, under pressure. and under attack.

>> under attack.

>> tell us about --

>> vicious people.

>> tell us about the show. how is the format? it's going to open up and be terrific.

>> every day we'll have a different co-host which will be really fun. people like kathie lee gifford and --

>> it's about time.

>> thank you, jerry.

>> ryan seacrest , diddy, nene leakes, maria menunos. and so co-hosts like that. ultimately it's going to be a day and date show but it's a lifestyle show so it's beauty and fashion and fitness and health and anti-aging and cooking and food and, you know, just all the stuff that we love. that nobody knows that whole side of me. so it will be fun to bring in all the stuff that, you know, the viewers and the fans on kardashians write in about. they'll write letters ghot the show. they'll say where did you get that teapot in yourkitchen? and you are like really? decorating and entertaining and all of that with the audience.

>> might your daughters be on that show?

>> kendall and kylie, i think they are booked to be on.

>> so some family.

>> here and there.

>> you'll have your crew from the kardashians there to each show and you'll be doing both.

>> are you going to --

>> no, no, no.

>> so a week from today.

>> july 15th on fox. tune in. it's going to be really fun. like one big party all summer long. how about that?

>> she can throw a party. love you. thank you.

>> i love you guys.

>> kris , thank you.

>> i'll see you in a couple of weeks.

>> you better come on, too, hoda.