TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Stacy Keibler photo definitely not romantic

Tim Stack, senior writer at Entertainment Weekly, dishes out the latest in celebrity news, sharing insider information on the mystery man in the photo with George Clooney’s significant other Stacy Keibler, as well as details on the recent engagement of SNL’s Seth Meyers.

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>>> we are back with more of "today" on this monday fun day. it's always a fun day when tim stack is here. who wrote that? it's always fun on "today's buzz." more bad news for paula deen . good news for seth meyers . who cook comes with a little gossip.

>> we showed a picture of stacy keibler with an unidentified male. we said we weren't sure if she'd broken up with george clooney .

>> that's my friend marcello. he works at abc in casting.

>> his real name ?

>> real name . they are like -- they're pals, but, i mean, i'm not going to -- they are not romantically involved. i can confirm. it would be like -- it would be -- yes it would be a miracle. yes. it would be something. it would be --

>> out of the norm?

>> yes, yes. or many of the norm in hollywood.

>> that's true.

>> that was a nonanswer, but we get it.

>> i think they can all read between the lines .

>> talk about nigella lawson . this has turned into such a bad story.

>> such a lovely person.

>> so her estranged husband, charles sachi.

>> of sachi and sachi.

>> right.

>> he is the one who has been -- all these photos of them having lunch. he had his hand around her neck. they separated and he released a statement to the "daily mail" in the uk basically saying he's ending their marriage and he's upset with her --

>> because she didn't stand up for him. and he implied she had done this to him before.

>> done what?

>> like grab her throat.

>> like choked her.

>> see you later , charles.

>> he wants the last word anyway. no, i'm leaving you. like that's what makes it worse.

>>> more bad news for paula deen .

>> so basically on friday, the feds arrested this man who was accused of extorting her, trying to extort money. $250,000 from her because he claimed he had more like bad things she said. like he had proof she had said more bad things which god knows what that is. but it turned out he was lying. she'd never met him before.

>> i think this is good news for paula deen , not bad.

>> right, but now it's sort of like people are coming out of the wordwork just revealing bad things about paula deen . next a video of her doing the macarena.

>> as long as there's not a sex tape , i think she's going to be okay.

>> it's a little early for a paula deen sex tape . i need some wine if i'm going to talk about a paula deen sex tape .

>> do you think it's fair, personally?

>> you -- i think --

>> the amount of stuff that's happened to her --

>> i think if she -- i think the apology was handed so badly. if she would have said i apologize to everyone in the african-american community, to everyone it would have gone away. that video where she was at like her dermatologist office and she had so much rouge on she looked like she was doing community theater . bad, bad. hire me.

>> okay.

>> anyway, moving on.

>> i can -- problem goes away when i'm rararound.

>> do you think it's been fair?

>> i agree men get off easier.

>> i heard just this morning that some of the gay groups are asking capital one to drop -- to drop alec baldwin ?

>> i agree about that. i would actually say -- i think he weirdly got -- i don't know why he got away with all of that. because he's had crazy rage.

>> people see it coming.

>>> seth meyers , good news for him.

>> good news. he's engaged to his girlfriend lexi ash. they got engaged over the weekend. i think it's going to be a huge year for him.

>> he really is having a good year.

>> she's a lawyer. she's a classy gal.

>> i love him.

>> they are getting married. he's obviously taking over for jimmy fallon . he's going to take over the 12:30 slot this year -- or next year. it's a big year for seth.

>> john mayer sang it out for katy perry .

>> have you sang it out for frank before?

>> on a nightly basis.

>> over the weekend, john mayer was in concert and he dedicated this song, i think it's "a face to call home" to katy perry , his girlfriend. he thanked her for helping him through the vocal problems he's been having. he couldn't sing for like 20 months and he said she would like communicate with people for him and, you know, just very, very patient with him. he said he thanked her. i guess she was actually there listening at like the mixing board . but it's interesting because they've had a very up and down relationship.

>> talk about the box office . "despicable me" was --

>> gigantic. $142 million. a great weekend to be steve carell . he had that. a voice in that and then "the way, way back."

>> which i loved. great movie.

>> and "the lone ranger " didn't do well.

>> bad press or not a good movie?

>> it had bad buzz and i think -- i don't think -- i know you love armie hammer . and i think he'll be fine.

>> armie is fine.

>> i think it's not a thing that's familiar. like the lone ranger is not a character familiar to modern audiences. and i think westerns are tough. i think the tone was sort of confusing.

>> that's what kath was saying.

>> sometimes it was a serious western and then a satire of a western.

>> i heard it was really violent. like this is --

>> just one cutout of a heart. come on. you see that --

>> exactly.

>> they were both going to survive it.