TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Ouch! Natalie, Willie share worst parenting injuries

TODAY’s Natalie Morales and Willie Geist chat about some of the topics making headlines this morning, including a new list that ranks children’s toys according to what’s most painful to step on, inspiring Natalie to recall an unfortunate incident with a fork.

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i'm willie geist along with natalie morales . al has the day off.

>> did you have a good 4th?

>> i was here. so it was fantastic.

>> i know.

>> i was here -- no, it was a great thing. i was here serving the shareholders of comcast, which is the greatest thing a man can do.

>> thank you, willie geist .

>> there it is. how was chicago?

>> great. after we spent -- i guess a month ago there, there just briefly for your show. a great place to bring the kids and experience it and see the sights and do everything. so we did. here is at -- navy pier on the ferris wheel . and we also did a little shed aquarium .

>> isn't that amazing, shed aquarium ?

>> the ray exhibit so much fun. lake michigan , paddle boarding, the kids had a blast, the water was great. and we had a great time. we even went to a cubs game, fourth row in, fantastic.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> soriano, two home runs against the pirates. so i think overall, huge success.

>> you just touched every base.

>> i think so. almost every base. home run for sure.

>> good. we're glad to have you back. news to cover this morning. that plane crash in san francisco , asiana airlines 214 at sfo, the international airport there, still a lot of questions surrounding it. the man at the controls, we know, was attempting his first landing of a 777 at that airport. he had only 43 hours on the boeing 777 , but nearly 10,000 hours on other air crafts.

>> still unclear what the exact reason wasp. it seems like the flight was coming in low and slow, according to ntsb officials. so whether or not the pilot's inexperience on that aircraft, i think is still a question. but we did hear from an ntsb spokesperson earlier and she said that's all being weighed in, of course. but he did have a lot of flight hours on the 747.

>> right.

>> and a lot of other aircraft.

>> i was talking to a pit expert this morning who said the 43 number while sounds shocking, only 43 hours in the plane, shouldn't think too much about that, because he's had 10,000 hours total at the helm of similar planes and did a lot of work in simulators. so if this was, in fact, pilot error , there was no real excuse. the inexperience shouldn't have come into play. but you look at these pictures. and the fact that only --

>> two people.

>> two people died. and we mourn the loss of two 16-year-old girls who were coming from china to study in the united states --

>> exchange program here.

>> reports that maybe one of them was actually run over by an emergency vehicle ?

>> i can't even imagine.

>> which is just horrible.

>> horrific.

>> but perhaps as few then as one person dying in a crash just speaks to the level of safety and perhaps the level of miracle that all these people got out.

>> absolutely. you see the break-apart of that plane and the fire on the runway, and it is remarkable when you think about that. but asiana airline did release a statement saying asiana airlines is currently investigating the cause of the accident and will cooperate with government officials .

>> we know the ntsb is looking into this. we'll hear a lot more about that story coming up.

>>> some lighter fare to tell you about. eliot spitzer .

>> yes.

>> here in new york city . jumping back --

>> former governor of new york .

>> announced he's going to run for new york city comptroller, keeping an eye on the finances in the city. resigned five years ago in 2008 after it was revealed he was a client of an exclusive prostitution ring .

>> no one can forget client number nine, right?

>> client number nine in the black socks no question about that. he's got until midnight thursday to collect about 3,000, 4,000 signatures, which he shouldn't have a problem doing. he told the "new york post", i hope people forgive me and give me a second chance. we'll let you read along the headlines.

>> this decision coupled with that of anthony weiner is gold and the full employment act for "new york post" headline writers.

>> where you can expect a lot more of those headlines. i guess begs the question, can people forgive and forget something like that? and i guess we'll have to wait and see how voters, you know, respond. it all comes down to how they -- if they show up at the polls and vote him in.

>> i think there is no question that spitzer looked at the way anthony weiner has handled his problem --

>> and mark sanford in north carolina , as well.

>> that anthony weiner could reentreprener reenter the frey and be competitive in the mayoral race and take it head-on, talk about what he did, why he did it, ask for forgiveness. we'll see if he becomes mayor. but either way , he has done better than a lot of people thought he would.

>> certainly the front-runner, now, according to the latest polls.

>> along with christine quinn . i think --

>> i think everybody loves a good comeback story. it will be interesting to see where this goes from here.

>> yes, it will.

>> we'll be watching and reporting a lot of the .

>> so will the "new york post." this next story hits home.

>> something we can all relate to.

>> the pain of parenthood. the stir website has ranked seven common children's toys according to what's most painful to step on.

>> they did the research.

>> scientific research .

>> here's the deal. stepping on a metal jack is the big winner. 10 out of 10.

>> i'm surprised, because actually these are plastic jacks. kind of terrible. but when was the last time you played with jacks?

>> never. last time was never.

>> i think my kids got some at a birthday party as a goody bag gift and i think they actually played with them. and i think i did step on one then. i would give it a 10 out of 10 as well.

>> that would be painful.

>> this is something i know very well. i step on one of these just about every day. stir gave it a 7 out of 10 on the pain scale . i'd say it's higher than that.

>> yeah, that's an 8.

>> i have had them embedded in place.

>> you know what they'll do until you step on it -- sticks on your foot so you step a second time. crippling.

>> double whammy.

>> did you know that a stuffed toy actually got a 3 out of 10, because people think they have stepped on a family pet and freak out.

>> i think, yeah, especially if it squeals when you step on it. wait, that wasn't my cat lexi, was it? okay.

>> so what's your worst?

>> my worst, actually, is not a toy. but feeding luke once when he was a toddler in his terrible s. he took his fork and was like no, i don't want that. i actually had the fork impaled.

>> oh!

>> i had tine marks in my face.

>> you had a fork sticking out of your face? that's unbelievable.

>> pelted by a fork. bad.

>> any photographs of that?

>> no. thank goodness mary in makeup was able to cover -- what happened to you? you've got two little holes right here. i'm like,um, long story.

>> i think that shows what kind of husband i am. wait, leave it in there.

>> photographic evidence.

>> just tweet it out immediately.

>> what was your worst?

>> my consistent worst are the figures my son george, 4 today, happy birthday . a soldier or woody from " toy story " lying on their back and the arms and legs up so you get a four-pronged stick into your foot.

>> i'm surprised it's not on this list, stepping on a dirty diaper. have you ever done that?

>> why is it on the floor? is the big question?

>> it's painful -- sometimes you're changing them and forget and you're just like -- whoops?

>> you change them and sort of throw them around the room? lying around the house?

>> you know, sometimes you're just not quick to, you know -- just sitting there.

>> sure.

>> and you step in it?

>> calls into question, i know -- no. just the squishiness factor. doesn't hurt.

>> your beautiful home littered with dir dediapers.

>> no diapers, no.

>> another one couples deal with. a new study that found men get --

>> don't you love these studies we find out of who knows where?

>> found men get sick of shopping after 26 minutes.

>> what?

>> women tire of shopping --

>> 26 minutes?

>> usually after two hours. because they haven't found anything they like. not --

>> have you ever lasted 26 minutes?

>> i was going to say --

>> shopping?

>> i was going to say, that's a big number.

>> i think two minutes is his max.

>> i have to get out of there.

>> start breaking into a sweat.

>> i can't do it. that's why these stores have these great areas where the guys all sit and couches and chairs and magazines and now a lot of them put tvs up there.

>> if they're smart, make it more like the espn zone and have it all set up, your beers and chips.

>> and just kind of sit there and stare at each other. with our mouths open of the.

>> i always feel bad when i'm at a store and see the dutiful husband sitting there, yes, honey, that looks nice. yeah, that looks nice. they're not even looking.

>> your wife comes out like pretty woman, and wants the big reaction. and you're like it's great. go with that. let's get it, let's wrap this up.