TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Michelle Rodriguez: Animation is ‘very liberating’

The actress talks about lending her voice to the new animated film, “Turbo,” saying it’s “very liberating” to not have to worry about hair, makeup, or anything but “you, your personality, and your imagination.” She also reveals how she chooses which projects to work on.

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>> the actress who clearly has a need for speed . michelle rodriguez has been in a lot of tough girl roles, and in the crazy successful "fast & furious" films.

>> now revved up for her next big movie rolling into theeaters now in the new film "turbo."

>> good morning.

>> so your character is a mechanic. sound familiar?

>> i know. the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, does it?

>> car racing involved in this, as well.

>> yeah. this time it's cute and it involves, like, a bunch of snails that race. and -- it's -- it's a lot more innocent than the "fast & furious" franchise.

>> do you know your way around a car at this point, having been in all these car movies?

>> yeah, i do. but i don't know my way around a snail, which is why i kind of had trouble with the improvisations in the cartoon.

>> you talk to actors who do anima animated movies for the first time and this is your first animated role, right?

>> yeah.

>> what is your experience? because you're not around other actors?

>> i love it.

>> you do?

>> it's the funniest thing ever, reminds me of when i was a rug rat and i used to sit in my room and pretend i was something that i wasn't. get to use these weird voices and enter characters in play. it's very playful environment, you know? i loved it.

>> you go from these action films and doing some of the stunts in the action films to being there all by yourself, not having to worry about what you look like.

>> that is the best. it is very liberating. no makeup, no hair, no outfits. it's just you and your personality and your imagination.

>> just rolling in your sweats. right?

>> so much fun. i love it.

>> now, you've talked lately about writing films. you're obviously well-known for acting. what kind of things are you looking to do?

>> well, kids' movies are definitely a big priority for me. and female empowerment is a big thing for my writing. it's all stuff that i came up with when i was like 15. just evolved throughout time. just waited a very long time for it to be the right time to come out and veer from what i do for a living. i think i've got enough relationshipses in the industry and friendships and enough experience to actually dive into the scripts and flesh them out into stories that i can share with the world.

>> anything you have in development? you can share with us?

>> yeah, sure. one is -- the kids' project is my fun one and it's basically called "kingdom come" and it's about people basically tearing down the earth to the point where in the future you know, the rain forest is depleted. and all of the tribes from the rain forest gather together during new years, winter solstice around that time, and do a seance to the mother goddess . basically all the animals on the planet attack anything that's not pure. so you've got these little kids and tribesmen protecting people from animals that are attacking. it's kind of like "injure jury as i can park" meets goonees.

>>> we have a game called "the fast & curious." we get some help from our crowd outside. in 30 seconds answer as many questions as you can. really easy. trust me. you can handle it. all right. so let's get to our crowd, and we've got the 30 seconds on the countdown clock . okay. here we go. we've got the questions. have you ever been to the indy 500 ?

>> yes, i have.

>> are you anything like your character?

>> not really.

>> nothing. okay.

>> what's your favorite song?

>> oh, my god, that's too hard. jimi hendrix , star spangled banner .

>> very nice.

>> good one.

>> favorite country you visited recently outside the u.s.

>> oh, my god. i love the mediterranean. anything mediterranean. monte carlo . [ buzzer ]

>> that it? how many questions? five questions. that was pretty good.

>> i'm giving her 5 for 5.

>> yes.

>> so good to see you. we rented tires and everything for you.

>> that's awesome.

>> congratulations on the film.

>> you guys have a well-oiled machine here, by the way. i just love to watch you all run around in the morning. it's great.

>> there is a lot of running. michelle, thank you so much. "turbo" opens july 17th .