TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Hot Google searches: ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Siberia’

Google trends manager Kevin Allocca chats about what people were searching for online this weekend, including a new book that translates the first “Star Wars” film into Shakespearean language and the new reality show “Siberia.”

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>>> despite the long weekend away from the office, relaxing with your friends and family, millions of you found the time to log in and check out some topics.

>> google trends manager keffa keffa alonga is here. this is the spikes. what was trending.

>> that's right. fast-rising searches.

>> let's get to first one is san francisco crash. not surprising, big news story of the weekend. what were people looking for?

>> definitely one of those scary stories that as soon as you hear, you want more details and information. and again, right now because we're in this age of cell phone cameras and things, people are capturing this footage on the frowned, these bystander videos, and bystander photos, people searching for those. there is a video on youtube this weekend that had over 3 million views that people were searching for. san francisco plane crash video was also a trending search.

nigella lawson was also a big search, as well. we've heard about, you know, the scandal and the photos that we saw most recently. now it turns out her husband is filing for divorce.

>> that's right. yeah, that was the story that sort of emerged over the weekend. and that -- this has sort of been in the conversation. a lot of discussion about this for a while now. and her husband even, you know -- he said in a statement that he was disappointed that she wasn't -- defending him and publicly. so when that statement along with sort of our interest in this ongoing saga is sort of continued to make spikes and searches.

>> i was surprised to see " star wars " on this list. why " star wars "?

>> there is a rannin fan culture on the web, creative culture. we think because there is a new book that had come out written by an american author and taking " star wars " reinterpreting it as shakespeare.

>> what?

>> very funny. some excerpts were released. and people were quoting it and talking about it online.

>> feels like star wars always spikes for one reason or another.

>> yeah.

>> luke, i am your fathereth.

>> very good.

>> fathereth.

>> okay. next is siberia, a new nbc show piqued interest as to whether or not it was a reality show or whether or not is it truly a scripted show.

>> yeah, it's sort of an unconventional show. and it's sort of like "survivor" meets "the blair witch project " debuted last week and released online this weekend. so people were searching for it and didn't want to just know about the show and find it, but want to know the context. is "siberia" real was a related search. people trying to figure out, hey, is this a real thing, is it not a real thing. and this is not an uncommon thing, to have sort of something that gets released and becomes popular and then the water cooler conversation carries it for a few days and builds interest and then hits online.

>> very cool.

>> i'm getting not real.

>> no, i'm thinking not real.

>> somebody dies, usually not a good thing on a show.

>> kevin, great, thank you so much. good to see you.