TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Racer Dario Franchitti talks G-force and snails

Racing legend Dario Franchitti chats with the TODAY anchors about being a consultant on the new animated film “Turbo,” which features some very speedy snails, saying he was there to help make the movie “as realistic as possible.”

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>>> we want to tell but a you about a competition we are building in honor of the movie "turbo" which opens july 17th . it is going to be an epic race of snails. and here to tell us more about it, needs no introduction, indy winner. you were a consultant on the film? sounds like they took these racing scenes very seriously.

>> yeah, they really did. my job was to help them make it as realistic as possible. so we went into all these tiny details about very odd questions like what would g gs-forces or 3-gs feel like to a snail. all these odd questions. that was my job. and then all these racing scenes, and it was really a lot of fun to work with guys on it.

>> this is weird. i don't know whether it's we haven't used deodorant or you haven't. let's move in. as we show one of the snails. you're going to tell us -- or we're going to tell you about this race that's going to happen tomorrow. and it's very complicated. we're going to have snail teams, each of us is going to team up with the snail, and then based on a game of skee-ball, here on the plaza, how we do in that skee- ball game is going to determine how fast our snails scale this wall behind me. is that right so far?

>> that's right so far. but i really think you guys -- i hate to say it, it's for nothing, because i think turbo is going to win.

>> that's because ryan reynolds is actually going to be here, being turbo. so he might win.

>> yeah.

>> let's make sure we understand. i'm going to team up with a snail called smooth move. savannah paired with charismatic snail. ryan --

>> whiplash.

>> that's right, whiplash. ryan reynolds with turbo. natalie, you've got skidmark. why do they call it skidmark?

>> i don't know. because i leave a big tread.

>> and willie, you're with the sly and sassy snail named burn. so we want you to go to twitter and tweet your favorite snail. and that will have some impact as to who gets an advantage tomorrow morning . there are are the hash tags in front of you.

>> turbo, sorry, guys.

>> really? have you ever seen skidmark?

>> i've seen the movie.

>> thank you so much. we should mention, "turbo" opens july 17th .