TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Kris Jenner: You might see North on new talk show

The matriarch of the Kardashian family chats about her new talk show, which she describes as a “lifestyle show,” revealing she’ll have celebrity co-hosts. She refuses to rule out the possibility that she’ll be sharing baby photos of Kim Kardashian’s new baby girl, North.

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>>> you know what else is always trending? the kardashian family. viewers get a taste of their lives on e's keeping up with the kardashians . now the family's matriarch, kris jenner , ready to show a different side of herself on her very own talk show .

>> well, imagine that. things are about to get interesting. hi, i'm kris jenner . and i'm a mom with a pretty active family. when we're all just hanging out, that's my favorite time. lots of laughs, great conversation, and i thought that would make for a great talk show .

>> and it just may. the show is called "kris" and debuts next monday. good morning. good to see you. welcome back. you were here a couple weeks ago.

>> thank you. my home away from home.

>> this show debuts when there is a lot of attention to your family. are you willing to be the beneficiary of that?

>> i think we show so much of our lives on tv anyway, you're just going to see other sides to all of us. including the kids who will be on from time to time. so --

>> has there been a meeting, a preproduction meeting, where you guys have sat down and said, where will the line be on this talk show ? as you mentioned, it's almost -- there is no line, really, on the reality show .

>> i know.

>> but when you sit down to do a talk show , have you said, okay, family will be included here, won't be included? what is the line?

>> well, i think what you have to remember is our show, "keeping up" is 44 minutes an hour without commercials. and you see stuff that's been maybe a couple months ago, a month ago, in the middle of taping season eight right now. my show is going to be ultimately day and day. you're going to hear what's going on right now, very fresh, in the moment. and there really hasn't been a discussion about a life.

>> it is hard to launch a talk show . i don't have to tell you that. there have been a lot of great names who have launched talk shows the last several years and didn't make it out of season one.

>> right.

>> you've got a tool at your disposal and i want to know right now if you're willing to use it.

>> yes.

>> are there plans in the first week of this show to reveal either photos of the new granddaughter, north, or perhaps a walk-on from kim, kanye and north?

>> well, that's ambitious. that would be fun. i think you're going to have to wait and see and tune in. i'm not sure exactly what's going to happen.

>> would you tell me right now, it will not happen, that you will not be showing the first time baby photos of north on the first week of your show?

>> i won't tell you it won't happen.

>> oh.

>> give you something to think about.

>> okay.

>> yeah. you never know who is going to show up.

>> talk shows depend on interviewing.

>> yes.

>> the skill of the host in interviewing is integral to the part -- to the success of the show.

>> right.

>> what's your style?

>> well, my style is more of a lifestyle show. my style is more --

>> but you're going to be interviewing people, as well, aren't you?

>> yeah, there will be some celebrity interviews, but i'm going to start out with a different co host every single day. so i'm going to have people on like kathie lee gifford and ryan seacrest and diddy and mario lopez , and maria munoz and nene leakes and names like that that will co host the first 15 minutes to half hour. and then i want to do a lot of segment about lifestyle. so fashion and beauty and fitness and food, and there's so many things that people haven't seen, you know, that side of me that i love and am passionate about.

>> but when you sit down with a celebrity and do an interview, are you going to ask the personal questions, i mean the really personal questions about scandals and intrigue and things like that?

>> absolutely we'll go there. that's what my personality is. i think that i'm a., very -- i want to know. i'm like a sponge, i'm very nosey too. so i have no problem asking those crazy questions. because i think for all these years, last eight years, everybody has been asking. so i've definitely honed my skill on all of you guys.

>> i know that's true. i was reading where kanye basically said this baby is not -- it's his baby, not america's baby.

>> right.

>> i'm thinking about those last eight years. and in many ways, your children have become america's children. any regrets on that?

>> you know, i don't really have any regrets. i think that it's been such a great journey for us, i think kendell and kiely, we have seen them grow up on television. and for the first five years they were going to school so they were on it in limited access. and now a lot more, because their home-schooled. but i think that the viewer that has invested in kind of watching our family grow, and we've grown. we started out with just us. and then we added baby daddies and babies and grandchildren. and it's certainly been a lot of fun to do.

>> well, the show, as mentioned, debuts on monday.

>> monday, july 15th on fox.

>> and which day will we see the baby pictures?

>> oh, i don't know. i don't know you'll have to keep tuning in, day after day .

>> tweet me. send me an e-mail or something.

>> i'll show you my phone.

>> i can look at the photos on your phone?

>> you can look at one.

>> deal.

>> she's going to stick around and talk to kathie lee and hoda.