TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Asiana crash survivor: ‘I thought I was dying’

Survivors of Asiana Flight 214, which crashed in San Francisco on Saturday, share what was going through their heads at the time of the crash, saying “nobody was moving” immediately after the crash and “it’s a miracle” so many survived. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>> about what happened just before and after an asiana airliner crashed in san francisco on saturday. at least two people were killed. nbc's miguel almaguer is in san francisco . miguel, good morning.

>> reporter: natalie, good morning. the asiana airline says the pilot was trying to land at sfo for the first time. it appears the plane was too slow and too low. first responders said it was a miracle anyone survived. runway 28 left littered with wreckage, mangled debris and stories of survival.

>> i felt i was dying. that was the moment.

>> reporter: eugene rah says when the plane slammed into the ground, fear was in the air and silence filled the cabin.

>> nobody was moving. there's no sound, nothing.

>> reporter: but soon came the cries. flight 214 was packed with children. 13-year-old angelina andrigetto knows she narrowly escaped with her life.

>> bad luck i was on that plane that crashed, good lucky survived.

>> reporter: two fatalities of girls who were just 16. the victims, part of a group of children headed to a summer retreat in los angeles .

>> our first response was there's no way there are any survivors on that airplane.

>> reporter: but many of the passengers, not only escaped with their lives, but walked away. 53 injured, some critical, were treated at san francisco general.

>> in your head, everything goes in slow motion , you don't believe it's happening. you don't know if you're going to be dead at the end of this slow motion or not.

>> reporter: ben levi saw passengers with broken bones , burns and bruises. from the tarmac, he saw his plane go up in flames. are you surprised it wasn't worse?

>> i am, yeah. i think it's a miracle. again, if that plane didn't stay on, we would not be here.

>> reporter: today the san mateo county coroner's office is investigating whether one of the two victims would have survived the crash buts with killed by an emergency vehicle . six remain in critical condition . natalie?