TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Andy Murray: I was ‘calm’ until end of match

In an intense men’s final, Andy Murray beat top seed Novak Djokovic to become champion of Wimbledon, the first British player to win in 77 years. He talks about the accomplishment, saying he was feeling “calm” and “confident” until the end of the final.

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>>> is trending online. he is the wimbledon champion. we told you about that a little earlier and it's time to talk to the champ himself, andy murray joins us now live from london . andy , good morning. congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> hey, you know, everybody likes to talk about what a great match you played yesterday. of course, members of the press, we like to talk about your mistakes. you know what you did yesterday? after the match, you went into the crowd to thank your supporters, you almost forgot to hug your mom. what happened?

>> yeah, she -- so i went up into the box where all friends and family were sitting, but my mom wasn't sitting there, a few rows back, and i've got no idea where everyone is. but, yeah, i pretty much left her out.

>> aw.

>> so i heard her screaming to me to come back when i was on my way down. so i saw her in the end.

>> well, she wanted a hug. fair to say the whole crowd wanted a hug. to call this a win in straight sets does not tell the story. it was incredibly hard-fought. there were those tense moments, especially in the last game. can you tell us what was going through your mind, what was your inner dialogue? and we're ready to bleep it out, if necessary.

>> yeah, i mean, it was actually okay before i went to serve for the match, and then i went up 4-2-0, so feeling pretty calm and confident with three serves to come that i would be able to close out. and then i just started panicking, basically, when he got back into it and had break points. and it was a crazy last game.

>> well british prime minister david cameron tweeted right after your win, it was a privilege to watch andy making history at wimbledon, and making britain proud. of course, it's been 77 years, andy , a fact that you kept hearing over and over again as i'm sure you know. so what was it like to finally hold that trophy in your hands and hold it up you to that crowd in front of the home stand?

>> it was amazing. i didn't want to let go of it. it's been a lot of years since, you know, any brits have won there. and i've been reminded of that most days of my life for the last five or six years. so to finally get to do it was great. and i just hope it's not that long again.

>> you've had quite a year when it comes right down to it. the gold medal in the olympics. last year the u.s. open . now you come across the pond as people like to say, the u.s. open is later this summer. can you describe your level of confidence coming into that tournament?

>> well, i mean, i feel good just now with what happened yesterday, but, you know, a couple months is, you know, a long time in sport. so, you know, i'll just -- i'll try and get myself ready for that. it will be the first time ever for me defending a grand slam title . so it's a new experience for me. and i look forward to it.

>> andy , was there any celebrating last night, or did you get no sleep? i would imagine after coming off that high, probably hard to get to sleep.

>> yeah. well, they have the champions' dinner yesterday, so went to do that, and that finished around 2:00 in the morning. and then got back home around 3:00. so i'm going to go out for dinner with all my friends and family and people i work with tonight when i'm finished, all the various media commitments, and look forward to that.

>> well, andy , was it hard to sleep because you kept running into the trophy, you know, where you're sleeping next to it, hugging it all night?

>> i wasn't -- maybe the trophy will get lucky tonight. might sleep with the trophy tonight. we'll see.

>> hey, listen, congratulations from us. and i'm sure a big thank you from all of great britain, andy . well-done. congratulations.

>> thank you.