TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

‘Cosby’ sweater contest to decide Bill’s best knit

Bill Cosby became as famous for his “Cosby Show” character Cliff Huxtable as he did for his sweaters. Now, the comedian is holding a tournament-style competition where fans can vote on their favorite knit from the show.

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>>> trending on the website of " usa today " fair to say not exactly sweater weather in most of the country, but bill cosby is asking us to think about sweaters anyway. dr. cliff hugsable was known as his array of sweaters. and now cosby wants you to vote for your favorite on his website. it's like an ncaa bracket . 32 knits battling it out for top honors in categories that include arguiles, cashmeres, cardigans and pullovers. and the winning sweater will be crowned the champion stitch.

>> can i just say i loved that show, loved his character. he had some ugly sweaters, though. there were some bad sweaters.

>> really championship ugly sweaters.