TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

‘Lone Ranger’ tops list of summer flops

Every summer, a few big-budget movies see a meager box office turnout: This year, “Lone Ranger,” “After Earth” and “White House Down" have made the list.

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>>> despicable, but left the lone ranger in their dust. the animated movie "despicable me 2" trounced the can competition in the box office opening with $142 million, one of the best showings ever for an animated film . "the lone ranger " cost $250 million to make, but earned less than $50 million in its opening weekend. that is just the latest movie to bomb this summer. joining the channing tatum , jamie foxx thriller, " white house down" and will smith 's "after earth" among hollywood's flops.

>> hard to make money in movies. not an exact science .

>> and steven spielberg and george lucas tell you it's a tough business.