TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Whale knocks surfer unconscious with tail

What looked to be a peaceful encounter between a whale and a surfer took a violent turn when the whale hit the surfer with its massive tail.

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>>> and what started as a peaceful encounter with a whale left a surfer knocked unconscious this weekend at a beach in australia. he remembers paddling close to the whale, then getting hit by a massive tail.

>> i just remember this magnificent whale just slowly coming to the right of me and coming for another look. and you know? and i just kind of felt like talking to it like a dog, you know, or animal, like hey, you know? that was it. maybe it was giving me a high-five, i don't know.

>> the surfer was rescued and taken to the hospital with only minor injuries. and yes, now he has a whale of a tale to tell.