TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Andy Murray earns historic win at Wimbledon

The Scottish-born tennis player beat the world’s No. 1-ranked player, Novak Djokovic, making history by becoming the first British player to win the tournament since Fred Perry in 1936. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> it was an historic weekend at wimbledon . andy murray defeated the top-ranked player in the world, novak djokovic , to become the first british man to win the coveted tennis tournament in 77 years. nbc's keir simmons is at the all-england club. keir, good morning to you.

>> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. you know the british love sport like wick beldon, but we don't seem to winch, don't play baseball, basketball or football. we invented soccer, but haven't won a world cup for almost 50 years. you can understand why andy murray is the new golden boy . britain's prime minister is saying today he should be sir andy murray . on wimbledon 's famous centre court , history was made. a british player winning for the first time in 77 years. in straight sets.

>> the great british drought is over.

>> andy murray beating world number one novak djokovic .

>> reporter: the last british man to win was fred perry in 1936 . so the british, known for their lack of emotion, went a bit wild.

>> 77 years since the last win, no one is going to forget.

>> to be there when history is made like that is just fantastic.

>> reporter: in scotland, where murray is from, his grandparents watched and celebrated.

>> i don't believe it!

>> reporter: his rise to victory means more, because his school and his hometown, dunblane, was the scene of a terrible shooting. he was just 8 years old, 17 were killed. murray overcame to become olympic gold medalist , u.s. open champion, and now wimbledon .

>> reporter: last night, wimbledon winner's turned out in style. marion bartoli promised to get into heels to celebrate. there were even rumors after a wimbledon win, a wedding might be next. he was asked about marriage yesterday, matt and savannah and natalie, and said he hadn't thought about it. so maybe we can encourage him. back in the '30s, they played tennis here in long pants. can you imagine? which makes andy murray the first british player to win in shorts.

>> you're stretching it now, keir, but that's okay. we get your sense of history.

>> no prize money in 1936 , either.

>> that's right. keir simmons in london.