TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

‘Disappointed’ husband is divorcing Nigella Lawson

Just weeks after photos were published showing advertising mogul Charles Saatchi with his hands around wife Nigella Lawson’s neck, Saatchi has announced he is divorcing the chef, maintaining his actions “were not violent” and saying he is “disappointed” in her. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> the husband of famed british chef nigella lawson , says he is seeking a divorce in the wake of an incident last month where the couple was photographed in what appeared to be a heated argument. michelle kosinski is in london with this story. good morning.

>> reporter: hi, savannah, this gets messy. charles saatchi said the photographs taken at a restaurant showed no more than a playful tiff. and is he said that to a newspaper, just making the public backlash even worse . but now he seems to compound that by stunningly voluntarily airing out even more of the public's -- of the couple's very private dirty laundry to the press. the pictures showed this, sparking numerous psychologists and women's advocates to call it simply abuse. the police issued charles saatchi a formal caution for assault. and now saatchi is saying this to a tabloid newspaper . "i'm sorry to announce that nigella lawson and i are getting divorced. i am disappointed she was advised to make no public comment to explain that i abhor violence of any kind against women and never physically abused her in any way. the photograph could have been her gary radniching my neck to get my attention as she has done in the past. my accidents were not violent. we're instinctively tactile people. i'm sorry she is upset. i'm more sorry this is the end of our marriage. i wish nigella the best for her future. she remains the most wonderful woman in the world."

>> what he says, she won't take his calls, respond to his messages. and the only way of informing her that this marriage has broken down and he's going to launch a petition for divorce is through the pages of a newspaper.

>> reporter: saatchi vehemently denies this was assault or he put pressure on nigella's neck. after the photos were published is when his wife after a decade moved out of their home. and so far the self-styled domestic goddess has said not a word to the press. what's interesting is that right after this argument happened at the restaurant, the couple was back together. they were living together, even ate out at that same restaurant a few days afterward. it seems that only after the publication of these photos happened, according to what he says, that the pr surrounding it is what caused this final split. back to you guys.

>> bizarre. all right, michelle kosinski in london, thank you.