TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Small plane crashes in Alaska, killing 10

A small airplane crashed Sunday morning at an airport in Alaska, killing the pilot and nine passengers. A team from the NTSB is expected to arrive this afternoon to investigate. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> another plane crash over the weekend. a deadly one. good morning.

>> good morning, everyone. in a day after that asiana crash that killed two passengers and injured dozens of others in san francisco , there was another plane crash in alaska on sunday, killing all ten people on board. nbc's mike taibbi has the very latest. mike, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, natalie. a teen from the ntsb is scheduled to arrive this afternoon from washington, d.c. to investigate this crash that killed a pilot and all nine passengers. this was a small plane, what they call an air taxi . for many residents, flying across the state is common place because of a limited road system . police say this plane was fully engulfed in flames before firefighters could get to it.

>> from the direction, i told my wife, i mentioned to her, i said, i bet that's a plane crash .

>> reporter: authorities say the air taxi crashed around 11:00 a.m . sunday 75 miles southwest of anchorage, killing the pilot and nine passengers on board.

>> i saw this great big column of black smoke rising, and it was coming up pretty quick and real black.

>> reporter: alaska state troopers said the fire that consumed the aircraft initially kept firefighters from reaching the wreckage. according to the federal aviation administration , the single engine plane was operated by radiski air, a local company.

>> air charter or air taxi . and while it has a higher level of professionalism and regulation, whenever you see a 135 carrier, you know, have action, that raises questions.

>> reporter: alaska state police say the victims have not yet been identified. for many alaskans, flying across the state is common, but it also exposes travelers to specific hazards, including dangerous mountain passes and erratic weather. now, the weather at 11:00 a.m . sunday when the crash occurred was cloudy with light winds. initial reports are that the plane crashed on takeoff, but that will have to be confirmed by investigators. natalie?

>> mike taibbi following the story for us from los angeles . thank you, mike.