TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

At least 42 dead in violent clashes in Cairo

Ayman Mohyeldin reports on “a scene of complete chaos” in Egypt, as clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military and its supporters intensify.

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>>> now to the unrest in egypt . this morning, a new wave of deadly violence as military forces opened fire on a group of protesters. nbc's eamon mow month huh dean.

>> reporter: this morning, the muslim brotherhood says their protesters outside their republican guard were simply praying when the military moved out of the barracks and opened fire on the crowd. they say that more than 42 people have been killed. in fact, the muslim brotherhood says that number is expected to be higher in the coming hours. meanwhile, the military for its part right now says they were simply protecting their republican guard headquarters, and that a group of terrorists, particularly armed gunmen, approached them, opened fire, and began attacking the soldiers. that's what led them to return fire . now, obviously, it is a scene of complete chaos at the field hospital there, lots of bodies, lots of casualties. nonetheless, though, in the political maneuvering that is taking place here in the country, the man expected to become the country's vice president, dr. mohamed al baradi tweeted that egypt is in a dire situation in need of political reconciliation, trying to put pressure on the government to form an interim cabinet. that has been one of the challenges, one of the sticking points that has so far been unable to bring all of the political parties around the table. so for now, egypt remains without a government and the situation on the streets remains extremely volatile. savannah.

>> chaos is the word there this morning. in cairo, thank