TODAY   |  July 07, 2013

Defense phase of Zimmerman trial to begin

The prosecution in the second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman rested its case on Friday, and the defense will begin making its case on Monday. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> want to go to florida now and the trial of george zimmerman . the defense has already begun making its case after the prosecution rested on friday lead to go a lot of public debate whether they've proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt . we want to go to nbc's ron mott in sanford, florida, where he's been covering the trial. he brings us the latest in the preview of the week ahead. good morning.

>> reporter: lester, good morning to you. as you mentioned the defense has now got the case. while a lot of people online and elsewhere think the defense is winning this case so far, the defense is still planning on putting on a very big defense case for george zimmerman . today could be george zimmerman 's last weekend of legal limbo.

>> we're putting on witnesses --

>> reporter: as the defense team prepares for three or four more days of testimony before his fate is handed to the jury.

>> mr. zimmerman , you are appearing here for your first appearance.

>> reporter: zimmerman fled not guilty to second-degree murder saying he shot trayvon martin in self- defense after the teenager attacked him last year. and as witnesses friendlier to the defense take the stand this week, whether zimmerman does himself becomes a more significant question by the day.

>> we're still considering it.

>> reporter: perhaps even as crucial as a question that may never be answered.

>> do you hear him yelling help?

>> yes.

>> reporter: who is screaming in that 911 call?

>> we still don't know if zimmerman will take the stand. most attorneys think it would be a blunder because he would have to answer questions on the many inconsistencies in his story.

>> reporter: the state called 38 witnesses trying to show him as a rogue neighborhood watch .

>> there are two people involved here. one of them's dead and one of them's a liar.

>> reporter: defense attorney mark o'mara attacked the prosecution's theory that zimmerman 's conduct meets the standard for a second-degree murder charge saying his client is under a lot of stress.

>> when he sees that they present this amount of evidence and argue like they did that he is some since it tsinister mastermind without knowing what all the other witnesses said or heard, in my opinion is absurd but it has to lead to a lot more stress and anxiety with george .

>> reporter: now at the end of all of the testimony the defense can ask the judge to make a stand your ground ruling for jur george zimmerman . it if she believes his story of self- defense , she can acquit him or deny that motion and allow the jury to have its say. lesser?

>> ron mott, a big week