TODAY   |  July 07, 2013

2 dead, hundreds injured after Flight 214 crash

A routine trip from Seoul, South Korea to San Francisco turned into tragedy when an Boeing 777 crash landed while landing in San Francisco, killing 2 two passengers and injuring hundreds more.

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>> been looking at this picture since yesterday. you see the wreckage of asiana 214 and you're amazed that so many people were able to survive given the fire, literally destroyed the entire cabin. it could have been much worse. two people are dead. this is the first fatal crash involving a major airliner in the u.s. since 2001 .

>> and really just took so many people by surprise. you read those alerts probably coming on your phone yesterday and thought, what happened? we want to get you caught up on the very latest this morning. just hours ago the president of asiana airlines confirmed two passengers who were killed were chinese citizens. their seats, we're told, were at the back of the airplane. he also said two veteran pilots were at the controls during that landing, and the airline does not believe there was any sort of engine failure. just a short time ago the ntsb reported it has recovered the plane's black boxes . they are already at this point on their way to headquarters in washington where they'll be analyzed and, of course, those are key pieces in this investigation. many hoping that it will offer insight into what actually cause this had crash.

>>> coming up in just a moment we're going to talk to a man who was onboard that plane and his daughter who is just happy he's alive.

>> we have team coverage for you this morning including the latest on 0 the crash, updates on the injured, and also on the investigation. we want to begin now with john yang who is at san francisco international airport . john, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. we're just across a little of san francisco bay at the end of runway 28 left. you might be able to make out what's left of asiana flight 214 and when you look at that burned out, that gutted fuselage with parts of the airplane still at the end of the runway, it's really hard to believe that so many people simply just walked away. until it landed at san francisco international airport , asiana flight 214 had a routine 10 1/2 hour flight from seoul, south korea . at the 11:27 a.m . pacific time , the boeing 777 carrying 291 passengers and 16 crew, was on its final approach to runway 28 left. some passengers said they thought it was coming in too low. witnesses said the plane's tail struck the sea wall beyond the end of the runway before the rest of the fuselage slammed down on the pavement. passengers described the wild ride.

>> we hit really hard and at one point i thought we would fly again but it was just like a temporary trying to take off thing and then we crashed back hard.

>> there was a loud noise and the whole plane shook.

>> the top totally collapsed on a lot of people, so a lot of people were injured, yes.

>> reporter: the pilot quickly called for help.

>> emergency landing . asiana 214 heavy san francisco tower. asiana 214 heavy. emergency vehicles are responding. we have everyone on their way.

>> reporter: brian piper saw the crash from a nearby hotel and used his phone to capture the aftermath.

>> i heard the boom. i saw the crash. i reached around to grab my phone. my hands were shaking because i knew it was a terrible it crash.

>> reporter: onboard those who could began finding their way out.

>> i got to thinking, you've been in a plane crash . you're okay, you're alive, you're sitting in your chair. the door is open, get out. open the door . and start ushering people out.

>> reporter: rescue crews arrived to find the evacuation under way.

>> we observed multiple numbers of people coming down the chutes and actually walking to their safe safety. which was a good thing.

>> reporter: officials say the two dead are 16-year-old girls from china and asiana airlines officials say that they were part of two middle school groups here for summer vacation -- summer camp . erica?

>> all right, john canning, at sfo.