TODAY   |  July 07, 2013

Half of injured from Flight 214 are children

Roughly half the victims seen by doctors after Asiana Flight 214 crashed in San Francisco Saturday were children. The injured were rushed to more than a dozen area hospitals. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> 182 people were rushed to hospitals, some remain in critical condition this morning. miguel almaguer is covering that part of the story for us. he's at san francisco general hospital . miguel, good morning.

>> reporter: lester, good morning. of those 182 passengers that were injured many of them came to about a dozen bay area hospitals. the majority of them came here to san francisco general hospital , a big trauma center here in the bay area . roughly half of those victims who were seen by doctors were children. we know that today six remain in critical condition including one young child who is still in critical condition . there are so many patients coming, they actually arrived in four different waves at this hospital. it was a similar scene at hospitals all across the bay area . some of the injured had some scrapes and bruises. others had more serious injuries, broken bones , burns as well as some internal injuries. we are told today that doctors are still working on some of the victims, that many of those here have been treated and released but, again, some six victims are in critical condition including one young child. lester?