TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

11 beach fashion tips for your kids

You aren’t the only one that should look good on the beach. Try out these totes, hats and other accessories to keep your kids looking adorable.

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>> now on today's style you want your kids to look their best when it's time to hit the beach. here with stylish looks for your little ones is today show contributor and contributing editor to people style watch and author jill martin.

>> hello.

>> thank you for our hats.

>> these panama hats. these are, obviously, great for summer for us.

>> they don't come in all sizes.

>> fine just like that.

>> then this is a kids' fashion show . i wanted to get something for hannah and ella. and on the bottom, some of them have the sand you can carry. initials best and then i didn't want cassidy to feel left out. so these are great. these are more of a girl thing. initial stash

>> we've got david , nathaniel and yoel. these are our little rock stars heading to the beach. they are in space cadets . if you can come over here so we can see you.

>> who are those ruby rocket tops for. do you want to bring those to them?

>> thank you. are you sure you don't want it?

>> the outfits are space cadets and then the accessories are peace love i just want to show you this little outfit which is -- this is david , their cousin. it's a swimsuit with built-in water wings so he floats. and they come out so it becomes a regular bathing suit . he really loves this suit.

>> isn't he cute?

>> thanks, guys. they are all little rockers.

>> you look adorable.

>> let's see your backpack. this is a peace love world backpack and they have their tattoos and they are all ready for the beach. thanks, guys.

>> let's move on to miss bela.

>> we love what bella is wearing. she's already to go to the beach in her one look at that.

>> let's show us your moves.

>> her little bubbles. and these actually -- this jewelry is from junior beads. it's water proof so for your little girl who likes to get dressed up to go to the beach. and this is the magic bear. you want to try one more time. and it comes out and --

>> great.

>> you are looking great, bella. thank you.

>> i love your hair, honey.

>> do they have to wear sunscreen with all of that?

>> some of them coming out have uv-plus protection but dermatologists say to, of course, always wear sunblock.

>> let's bring out the next group.

>> this is siena and david . and they are in that snapper. don't they look great? all this has --

>> all this has the uv plus 50 protection in it but again, always wear swimsuits.

>> what are we showing here? the tattoos?

>> yeah. these are the tats. they are water resistant . it's not like they're wearing off. these are from dewey's candy. and then the oversized lollipop was my way of bribing them to come out and to pose in the way we wanted them to work.

>> it worked. you'd be an excellent mother.

>> here's a lot of sugar. please do what i'd like.

>> thank you, guys.

>> and joy, june and clint .

>> this is joy, june n clint . we always love joy and june.

>> oh, hi.

>> hello, you guys.

>> so let's start with clint . we've never met him but here he is.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> old navy for under $20. spider-man, superman. plus the fabulous glasses from space ka detss and joy and june are in jordache shorts which are available at walmart at under