TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

‘Melrose’ actor stars as hunk in ‘Devious Maids’

Actor Grant Show, who is famous for his role as Jake Hanson on the ‘90s hit “Melrose Place,” gives TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb the scoop on his role on the new show “Devious Maids,” and admits his character is“a little bit of a buffoon.”

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>>> actor grant show is well known for his role as bad boy jake hanson from the '90s hit " melrose place ." he's taking on a new role.

>> grant stars on lifetime's devious maids as soap opera -- as soap star spence westbhoer turns to his maid rosie when his marriage hits rough waters. take a look.

>> shouldn't do that.

>> no.

>> the other day when you --

>> you didn't feel my --

>> no. you have nothing to be embarrassed.

>> i did not mean for that to happen. it's just you are so kind and warm and -- it's been so long since perry and i. my body responded.

>> wow, we picked a clip, baby. we know how to pick the clip.

>> you read that and i'm like, no.

>> you are blushing a little bit.

>> i read that. i'm like, serious? i mean, that is every man's worst fear, isn't it? well, not the worst. but --

>> when things are going right you shouldn't --

>> could be the opposite. that could be worse.

>> you could be doing e.d. commercials.

>> this is kind of a fun role for you. you are married to this woman who is sort of an ice queen .

>> who plays her?

>> mariana.

>> she is not interested in being a mom. she hands her kid off. she's icy.

>> and you start to lean in and have a little fun with your maid.

>> well --

>> he just hugged her.

>> i think that's what she said. when you hugged me --

>> maids take care of the home.

>> yeah.

>> oh. uh-huh.

>> beyond grateful. for what?

>> so is your character a nasty character or do you play a guy who is --

>> i'm a good guy.

>> a little bit. he's a little bit of a buffoon.

>> a little bit of a beautiful boy ?

>> i hope he is.

>> but he plays this guy, a soap opera star. the character he plays on the soap is very dashing and debonair and masculine and smart. he's a doctor and everything. so he does -- occasionally i watch, spence watches lance to get tips on how to be --

>> it's so juicy.

>> i'm sorry, it's so juicy, isn't it? what kind of feedback have you been getting on it?

>> we're doing great. the show opened two weeks ago, three weeks ago. ratings keep going up every week. so the word of mouth on it is good?

>> yeah, twitter feeds.

>> the stereotypical thing about the latinas are the maid.

>> it's not.

>> it's all tongue and cheek and it's a lot -- it's the same producer if people don't know, who did "desperate housewives."

>> there's always that cherry take on things.

>> if it's dramatic, there's a little twinkle. it's funny, there's a lot of heart.

>> is eva longoria in it? just a producer? is she ever going to be in it?

>> i hope so.

>> when you look back at those "melrose" clips, dwhoot you think?

>> i look back and go, good lord. that young and, wow, it just amazes me that i ever looked like that.

>> really?

>> well, time has been good to you. i am sitting -- i am sitting darn close and you look --

>> we did a show together. i was on your show.

>> right.

>> i'm not going to say, but it was a while ago and you look fantastic.

>> you are very sweet. i see nothing between the years.

>> are you married? what's going on?

>> i am married. i'll be married a year in august. august 18th .

>> congratulations.

>> where did you meet this beautiful lady?

>> on " big love ." she was margine's boss. we went like this. she fired margine and i hired margine. so basically, i took her job.

>> what was it about?

>> and gave her a new one.

>> what was it about her that you fell for?

>> you know, we didn't -- it was about eight months later we were up in vancouver working on separate jobs together. we had a mutual friend. we started hanging out. neither one of us were really available. and we became really good friends. she's got a great sense of humor. she has just a huge verve about her and --

>> a lot of vs.

>> yes, giant energy and she's open. she's just so loveable.

>> wow. well, we're happy for you. looks like your life is going great.

>> a happy person. we're happy for you. thank you.

>> and congratulations on the show.