TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

Check out our adorable ‘Babies of the Week’

Newborn Seth Ryan Mondragon takes the cake alongside other loveable little ones as Johnson’s “Baby of the Week.”

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>> let's go over to miss sara with our johnson 's baby of the week.

>> we've got our johnson 's baby of the week when we celebrate new moms and their additions to their families. our first johnson 's baby is seth ryan mondragon born june 7th to jose and barbara in arkansas. his parents are enjoying every minute with their new son. next up is the landon joseph montoya born on may 24th in chicago, illinois. he weighed 7 pounds , 8 ounces. his parents heather and sam say they'd tell expectant parents that patience is key when you get your newborn home from the hospital.

>> no kidding.

>> nod brooke louise breitengross. born june 13th . her mom says that baby brooke has so much hair they could even see it on the ultrasound before she was born.

>> that could be a problem later in life.

>>> and our last johnson 's baby of the week is owen max azad born may 21st in new york. his parents say they never really knew what love was until they met their son. so a big congratulations to all of our babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear on our johnson 's baby of the week go