TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

Pop quiz: Name that Spice Girl!

Bill Werde of Billboard magazine challenges guest anchor Mel B. and Willie Geist to a Mel B.-themed quiz, having them match each Spice Girl to their nicknames and name other famous Mels.

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>> she has been cohosting with me for the next couple of days.

>> you have been doing all the work.

>> it's time to put her to the test. we put together a mel b. themed pop quiz this morning which is unfair to me. it's scary spice versus scary geist.

>> did you just say that. bill, good morning.

>> good morning. it's july 4th weekend. we'll lay down a couple of ground rules . we have flags for you. when you think you know an answer wave it as seriously as you can.

>> it doesn't make a noise.

>> don't do it like that. it's too feminine.

>> if you miss your opponent gets a chance to steal. let's get our scoreboard ready.

>> okay.

>> you guys ready?

>> yes.

>> here we go, we are starting with an audio clue.

>> she is telling us to do something. are you telling us to move in.

>> behind the board.

>> it's live tv people.

>> this is who is telling us these instructions. come here.

>> what is it you want us to do.

>> get behind your desk.

>> behind the desk.

>> look a lovely braid and everything.

>> mel focus.

>> nothing in my career has prepared me for this moment.

>> i'm ready.

we're playing smell that spice, don't be alarmed. three mystery spices wrapped up here. identify the spice just by it's scent. one point for each correct answer.

>> those are the spices. if you think you know.

>> that is vile whatever that is. that's not a spice.

>> technically it's a spice.

>> what is it.

>> it's a cigar. is that possible?

>> next spice --

>> that wasn't the answer.

>> that was not the answer. why don't you whip through them.

>> cloves.

>> rosemary.

>> and the next one.

>> the big reveal here.

>> christmas time .

>> we have paprika is number one and number three was cloves.

>> i got one right.

>> technically mel should get a third of a point. moving on, other famous mels, which mel made the following quote famous. i have a head for business and a body for sin, is there anything wrong with that.

>> mel , first wave, is that -- no, i don't know.

>> mel gibson .

>> no.

>> melanie griffith in the 1988 rom-com working girl.

>> okay. bonus and for bonus points who can name three other famous mels.

>> mel gibson .

>> this isn't a group effort.

>> there's rules people.

>> mel gibson , mel brooks and melanie griffith .

>> can we use that again.

>> i don't see how we couldn't. i'm going to allow it.

>> i'm not good at all.

>> i hear a bell.

>> what's the bell for?

>> that means we got it right.

>> okay. i hadn't heard that sound before. it was unfamiliar to me. know your america's got talent judge. we have heidi klum 's howard stearns and howie mandells in front of you there. which judge's first job was a door to door rug salesman.

>> i think it's howie.

>> correct answer.

>> i had him too.

>> but she was first wearing a much nicer dress. which judge famously dressed up as a dead body .

>> willie got that one. heidi klum known for her lavish halloween parties every year. and mel b. , you better smoke him on this one. you need to match the -- you each have a board behind you and spice girl heads in front of you. so go.

>> he already cheated.

>> willie . willie just crushed it.

>> i beat you at your own game.

>> willie gets the right answer.

>> how is that?

>> congratulations willie geist . you are the winner of the mel b. pop quiz challenge. we have a special grand prize for you.

>> this is fantastic.

>> and i thought i would get you some old spice.

>> so inappropriate.

>> it's a good day at work when you walk out with a scary spice doll.

>> i can't believe you beat mel b. you beat a spice girl at the spice girl game.

>> you're at the pinnacle of your career. it's all downhill from here.