TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

Hamptons resident shames visitors via Facebook

One year-round Hamptons resident is taking to Facebook to call out some of the most egregious summer beachgoers who aren’t on their best behavior.

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>> this is trending on the new york post, jerks beware. the hamptons are known as the playground of the rich but some people are having too much fun so one resident has taken to facebook to shame some of the people he feels are ruining it's reputation. the photos posted on the page that we cannot repeat on morning tv.

>> it's not jerks.

>> dare me to say it.

>> don't do it.

>> it's something other than jerks.

>> it includes a car parked too close to the surf. a man running errands in his speedo but he has on a t-shirt. it would be worse if he dinlt have on a t-shirt. the page's creator said he received some backlash from people that feel it's in poor taste . he's a year round resident so that's why he feels he has ownership of why he can call people out.

>> it's a beautiful place.

>> it's a beautiful place but there are people on the east end of long island that behave like they're in manhattan. let's just maybe put on pants before we go