TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

Homeland security on the hunt for… a limo?

The Department of Homeland Security is looking for a replacement limousine for President Obama, as the current one, known as “The Beast,” is an older model.

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>>> trending on nbc, the president's ride, the department of homeland security looking for a new presidential limo since this one which is known as the beast or cadillac i is a 2009 model. the nearly 8 ton vehicle, has james bond style gadgets including a night vision system in the trunk. there's a blood bank matching the president's type in case. there's loops that allow secret service agents to hold on while running along side the car. no word on which car maker will land the contract to build a new presidential limo.

>> 2009 . i have a leased car too. you update every few years.

>> when it's the presidential limo.

>> and you have a blood bank .