TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

Consignment sites sell high-end fashion at low prices

Everyone wants to look like a celebrity, but not everyone has the budget to buy designer clothes. Now there’s a way to bring high-end looks home for an affordable price: through luxury consignment websites that sell gently used clothes, shoes, bags, and more. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>>> they're the luxury items seen on celebs, clothes, shoes and bags lots of us want.

>> give me the boots and no one gets hurt.

>> reporter: but not everyone can afford.

>> i want a pair of them.

>> you can't really get a bag -- it's more than i would normally spend on anything.

>> reporter: now there's a way to have your bling on budget. a number of luxury new consignment websites are popping up online. places like shop hers, snob shop buy and sell gently used clothes, shoes, bags only from the world's top luxury bransd.

>> this is the way to get the classic chanel piece. those you couldn't afford at full price.

>> this is a nice classic.

>> she founded the real a member's only site with thousands of reowned designer pieces.

>> you have valetino, chanel.

>> with two warehouses they can barely keep up with the demand.

>> originally $3,700, this would go for $500.

>> wow, so it's essentially like always having access tie great sale.

>> always access to not just the sample sale , the best sale in the world.

>> but the buyer is not the only one getting a deal. her average consigner makes $6,000 a year. lisa regularly sales pieces to the site getting a second bang for her buc.

>> it's beautiful but sitting in your closet and not doing anything. the first time you get a check, you're hooked.

>> the resale industry is worth $13 billion a year.

>> it gives everybody the chance to dip into designer luxury one way ready to wear and you're buying that at a really good price.

>> changing the face of shopping by offering a little more flexibility. for "today," nbc news, new york.