TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

Treating common ailments with a change in diet

Some mild physical complaints can be alleviated without medicine. Dr. Nieca Goldberg of the Joan H. Tisch Women’s Health Center at NYU shares some suggestions on how some ailments can be treated with food.

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>>> thanks. now food fixes for the things that ail you. a change in your diet might solve the common problems we deal with from time to time. she is a director at the women's health center at nyu. good to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> let's dive into these. cracks at the side of the mouth. irritating, painful, what commons it.

>> it's a b-2 deficiency. it's important for regeneration of our skin. go to the refrigerator. get a glass of milk, eat spinach and you can improve this problem.

>> milk and spinach. any fruits or anything help with that?

>> any dark, leafy green is good for b-2 deficiency.

>> next one, something we experience when we have the gocold or the flu, you lose your sense of taste.

>> that could be a deficiency more common in teenage boy. the solution to that could be oily fish . you could have a cold so you may not be getting enough vitamin c and things in your diet.

>> but peanuts and red meat are good for those.

>> peanuts, cashews.

>> upset stomach, this could be from a vitamin deficiency ?

>> vitamin a an important vitamin for eyesight also helps with the gastrointestinal track. so it could give you abdominal pain but if you have fever you should go to the doctor but vitamin a is easy to replace. think orange, a bunch of carrots, kale, pumpkin.

>> eggs work as well.

>> eggs work as well. i'm thinking of a heart healthy option.

>> grumpiness, you say there is a way to attack it.

>> it could be you had lack of sleep but iron deficiency , our blood cells really need oxygen. in order to hold on to oxygen you need iron. so not only could you be grumpy but you also lack concentration and feel tired. ways to improve iron are also dark greens and meat is another option.

>> sardines?

>> oily fish is a great heart healthy option to improve your iron.

>> i think of puffy ankles and hot summer weather, salt retention. how do you attack that one?

>> most people think of salt retention but they often forget another important mineral. potassium that's important for our salt and water balance. everyone knows how to improve your potassium, you need bananas. another source are apricots or oranges. it's important that you have enough potassium because it can lead to high blood pressure .

>> good tips and things i didn't know about. good to see you.

>> good to see you.