TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

How to prevent ‘summer brain drain’ in kids

It can be tough to keep kids busy, sharp, and engaged while they’re heading to camp and having fun over the summer, but lifestyle expert Amy Goodman has tips on how to avoid the dreaded summer brain drain.

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>> first, two words no parent likes to hear from their kids during the long summer break , i'm bored. camp is one popular way to keep those troops entertained.

>> mara, come to sign ups if you please.

>> all right ladies, here we go.

>> if your kids aren't at camp and are with you at home, how can you keep their minds occupied and sharp.

>> amy goodman is here with tips to get rid of the so-called brain drain over the summer when kids get bored.

>> good to see you amy.

>> yeah it's the summer slide and it's proven that kids lose about two to three months of learning over the summertime. think about the catch up in september or august when they go back. to keep brains stimulated we have great things where they're learning and don't know it.

>> break it down. 6 to 9. this applies tous.

>> a lot of sports lend themselves to mathematics. from her target there is a lot of numbers. you add up the various numbers --

>> go ahead sweetheart.

>> nice shot .

>> you can keep score with this. have a nice big chalk board and kids can add up that scores.

>> cool.

>> she can play solo but also with friends.

>> working on your math.

>> exactly.

>> i'm giving you 1,000 on that one. that's a nice shot .

>> this is from melissa and doug, a party that parents love. it's called smarty pants . they're cards filled with brain teasers and hilarious jokes. you go from preschool to second grade. they're easy to take on the road.

>> road trip .

>> she is doing a great subscription service that comes once a month to your house with all the arts and crafts you need to complete projects. july is wonders with water. water color fish and there's always additional information that keep that bridge of knowledge going all summer long. july is fun with flight. you have rockets and flights and things with cards that teach you about flight and how to apply that in other ways.

>> i have a six-year-old daughter. this will be popular.

>> you can do it every month.

>> yeah, you can do the subscription or just one. that's 19.95.

>> yeah.

>> as opposed to the ones organized by age they're organized by subject. so you have history of the united states , presidents of the united states , american revolution . this is from ages 7 and older. what 's wonderful is because they are curriculum based cards with a lot of fun trivia we're great games with kids. if your kids were struggling with ancient civilizations during the school year it gives them confidence once they get in in september.

>> my son has every one of these.

>> i love them because they're based in deep curriculum but they're fun. we have a weather pot.

>> for young al rokers.

>> aspiring meteorologist and i'm like how do we channel this into a learning opportunity. have they measure the temperature, the wind speed . there's a water gauge in that and have them keep a weather journal on the side.

>> love that. a little vocabulary game is good.

>> yeah, it's called wipeout. you have to use the right vocab words. it's a skills builder. it's really phenomenal. the guys have been playing this nonstop. the goal is not to wipeout. to win the surfing championship.

>> who is winning.

>> right now i am.

>> i was so sad that i blank when i heard the news. wept, snickered, beamed.

>> wept.

>> i misunderstood the question.

>> now we're up to teenagers and robots.

>> these are 14-in-1 robots in one kit. if we were on the plaza and john mayer wasn't shining so bright you'd see they're so cool. you recreate.

>> they build these.

>> you do. that's the crab and over there we have the beetle bot.

>> 14-in-1.

>> it's so brilliant.

>> then we have, science kits. things that get the science going from solar energy and solar power to so much more. last and not least we have sofia. it's great to have remotes for us. why? because with video games you get the hand-eye coordination. remote control toys offer the same thing. this new from toys "r" us. it's a new thing. what a great way to have fun learning and not realize it.

>> there it snchts oh, oh.

>> she's getting aggressive in here.