TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

2 teens hurt while parasailing slowly recovering

The parents of two teen girls who crashed into a building while parasailing in Panama City, Fla., on Monday are speaking out about their condition, saying both girls required brain surgery, but at least one is up and moving with the help of a walker. NBC’s Thomas Roberts reports.

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>> the parasailing accident in florida. thomas is back with the latest.

>> it is something we have been following. for the first time we're hearing from the fathers of the two indiana teens that suffered critical injuries in that accident.

>> we just need everybody to keep praying for us.

>> a plea from the parents of alexis fairchild and sidney good. they were parasailing in panama city monday when the tow rope snapped. they drifted into a condominium and slammed into the cars below. much of it was caught on cell phone video.

>> i said what's going on and he said dad, the rope broke and then that's when i mean it really set in. it was a nightmare.

>> they were rushed to the hospital in critical condition .

>> when we first got here to the hospital i was in a state of shock .

>> their parents say both girls needed brain surgery . sidney 's father says she has a fractured neck and even though alexis had back surgery this week she is moving with a walker.

>> she was walking past sidney 's room and able to stop in and say hi and told her hand. sidney was able to raise her hand. it was a great moment.

>> i can't even express on behalf of our family and fairchilds, the outpour of caring and prayers.

>> the coast guard is investigating what happened including what role the stormy weather may have played. the parasailing company released a statement expressing sympathies to the girls.

>> while we adhere to best practices to minimize the risk associated with water sport activities, sudden weather conditions can and do occur.

>> alexis is in serious but stable condition and sidney is in critical this morning and sidney 's dad says she should have the surgery on a neck area in a week or so. what an ordeal.

>> only 17 years old. beautiful young women . we hope for the best there.

>> yeah.