TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

Zimmerman jury may hear final state witnesses today

After spending July Fourth sequestered, the jury in George Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial is expected to hear the final witnesses on the prosecution’s roster today, which could include Trayvon Martin’s parents. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports and Lisa Bloom comments on the case.

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>> important day at the trial of george zimmerman . prosecutors expected to wrap up as early as today. kerry is at the courthouse in sanford, florida. good morning.

>> good morning. the jury spent their 4th of july sequestered but they'll be back here today as they present the final witnesses including possibly trayvon martin 's parents.

>> he listened to 35 witnesses as prosecutors tried to make a case for second degree murder.

>> do you recognize the packaging?

>> the jury has seen dozens of pieces of evidence including video taken by police the day after zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin .

>> i grabbed my firearm and shot him one time.

>> reporter: zimmerman who pled not guilty said he shot him in self-defense fearing for his life. prosecutors questioned the lead investigator who expressed doubt about zimmerman 's account of what happened.

>> you felt he was exaggerating certain parts of it.

>> among other things.

>> reporter: another witness, rachel jeantel that said she was on the phone with him right before he died.

>> are you able to say whose voices that is? or voice that is.

>> trayvon. it sounded like trayvon.

>> reporter: but the state suffered set backs. witness john goode testified he saw trayvon martin on top of george zimmerman as they fought.

>> the person you know to be trayvon martin is on top, correct?

>> correct.

>> reporter: george zimmerman 's lawyer will make tear case to the jury.

>> george zimmerman is not guilty of murder. he shot trayvon martin in self-defense after being viciously attacked.

>> trayvon martin 's parents were through court throughout it all. i spoke with them about the defense's possible plans to scrutinize their son's past.

>> are you prepared in this trial for the defense to tear apart your son's character.

>> you can try to make him out to be the baddest kid in the world. we know our son.

>> what's the worst thing that did happen? our son has already lost his life.

>> reporter: trayvon martin 's parents are on the witness list. their lawyer says they both recognize it will be emotional if they take the stand but they're ready to do so if called. willie.

>> kerry sanders outside the courthouse. thank you. let's bring in lisa bloom . good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i think it's fair to say this is about the halfway point of the trial as the prosecution wraps up it's case. if you are the prosecution, how confident are you that you have a conviction coming?

>> i think the prosecution has put on enough evidence but it's a circumstantial case. they had to build it piece by piece and the defense has done a pretty good job on cross-examination of the witnesses. it's too soon to call.

>> the parents of trayvon martin could be called to testify as early as today. that will be emotionally powerful but what does it do to make the case against george zimmerman .

>> there is the 911 case where you hear the one person screaming the help in the moments before the bullet rings out? which of these young men was it. trayvon's mother will take the stand and say that's my son. i'm certain that's him and that will be powerful evidence for the prosecution.

>> is there any down side to putting trayvon's parents on the stand?

>> i don't think so. it would be very difficult to cross examine them. i would go lightly with these two. grooe grieving parents.

>> play defense attorney for me. what do you think you have to do after you watched nine or ten days of testimony from the prosecutions side.

>> i would put on the law enforcement experts that initially decided not to prosecute george zimmerman . they said we think this is a self-defense case. later there was a ground swell of public concern. 44 years later charges were brought. i would bring that all to the attention of the jury.

>> lisa bloom , thanks so much.