TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

Celebrate July 4 with unique cocktails

TODAY's Kathie Lee and Hoda say cheers to Independence Day with a little help from mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim, who shows off drinks like a coconut batida and pink sangria.

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>>> it would not be the fourth of july without cocktails.

>> and the best part is your guests can have fun mixing them up so you can mix with your guests.

>> here with some great recipes is the modern mixologist, tony.

>> hello, tony. happy fourth to you.

>> happy fourth to you.

>> what are we mixing up?

>> one of my favorite summertime drinks. the pachita. it's a brazilian drink.

>> it's like a brazilian rum. we take some half and half , coconut rum. you can do this with anything. peanut butter , blueberries.

>> and you dump it all in there.

>> a little red , white and blue garnish for you.

>> okay. hoda is cooking. there she goes.

>> i'm going to pour some pink sangria.

>> we tried that earlier.

>> yummy.

>> what's different about it?

>> we are using rose wine . quantro, vodka.

>> the cups are so tiny.

>> i like the fish bowl . it's important.

>> thank you.

>> you're welcome.

>> i'll go ahead and cheers with you.

>> that's delish.

>> now let's move on, baby. what are we doing next?

>> let's get to the you making drinks portion of the segment.

>> okay. kathie lee , i think you remember using the boston shaker last time.

>> oh, yes.

>> somewhat wild, as i remember.

>> so i want you to make a fresh bing cherry daiquiri. we're going to squeeze the juice of one lime into the mixing glass.

>> a whole lime?

>> a whole lime.

>> hoda, you want to come over here and start muddling?

>> yes.

>> she does it all.

>> that's only half of one.

>> oh, should have been over the glass.

>> you want to put some bing cherries in here and a little simple syrup.

>> whole lime.

>> whole lime.

>> oh, that screwed me up. one at a time.

>> i don't want to do -- i want to do it my way, tony. don't ask me to help and then --

>> put some muscle into it.

>> oh, tony. tony, tony, tony.

>> don't get mama mad. don't get mama mad.

>> give it a shake.

>> this is taking too long.

>> you muddle all that up. once you get it tasting really delicious, add some ice.

>> okay. now what?

>> two ounces of our cherry infused rum.

>> i like the way you measure.

>> well, did you premeasure it? am i supposed to measure it as well.

>> stop yelling at our guest.

>> you stop it.

>> now simple syrup.

>> how much of the simple syrup.

>> that's lime juice . one ounce. okay. perfect. all right.

>> shake it. shake it, mama.

>> you shake it, hoda.

>> pop it.

>> pop it.

>> shake it.

>> go!

>> i like wine.

>> watch her arms.

>> i knew i should have worn a better bra.

>> i can't get it off.

>> did you put the vodka in?

>> of course. i thought that was simple syrup.

>> that's the sweet spot . you just want to pop it. pop it like you mean it. okay. perfect. comes right apart. strainer goes in there. pour it into the glass.

>> we have to rock 'n' roll. we're going to sip whatever she made.

>> that looks good.

>> delicious.

>> fresh bing cherries. this is a zigzag. we've made --

>> thank you.

>> the watermelon into a punch bowl .

>> i know you're talking, but