TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

Benjamin Bratt: Animated films are 'a blast'

The actor talks about lending his voice to "Despicable Me 2," which he calls "a thrill," taking over the role from Al Pacino, and how his two kids respond to his fame.

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>>> okay. talk about your fireworks, folks. just take a look at this guy. he's gone completely to pot. he's benjamin bratt . he's heard, yet sadly not seen in the new universal picture films "despicable me 2." he plays two roles. elmacho pretending to be eduardo who runs a latin restaurant. as eduardo, he -- romance with drew an ex-villain turned good guy voiced by steve carell .

>> that's too much.

>> watch it.

>> hey, what's wrong?

>> oh, nothing. nothing is wrong. i'm just chilling with the guac from my chip hat.

>> please, i know that look all too well. it is the look of a broken heart.

>> how did you know?

>> believe me, my friend, i, too, have spent many nights trying to drown my sorrows in guacamole.

>> haven't we all?

>> that's adorable. so good to see you.

>> and yours almost didn't happen. you getting this role. it's very serendipitous.

>> indeed it was. i was called upon in the 11th hour. al pacino was the original actor hired for the job. so the animators created the character based on what he had laid down vocally. so what i was asked to do when they decided mutual three part ways was come in, relocate the soul of the character and --

>> i'm sorry.

>> he was talking about creative differences . how do we have creative differences with el macho? i love al. i adore him but that's funny.

>> from my point of view, what he laid down was brilliant. hilarious and they animated to all the extravagance he gave them. so it was quite a thrill for me to come in and a challenge, really, to try to find --

>> it's almost like he opened for you. al pacino open forward benjamin bratt on broadway.

>> this performance, we're conjoined. on some befl we've achieved it together.

>> you'll love the movie.

>> do you enjoy doing this kind of thing, the animated film ?

>> it's a blast. you don't have to worry about wardrobe, hair, makeup.

>> and you have children of your own so they love -- how old are your kids?

>> i have a 10-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old boy.

>> so your 7-year-old boy would love this.

>> look at those cutis you have there.

>> my kids know full well what i do for a living. they just don't care. they never really have. but they went to the premiere last weekend on the yellow carpet in los angeles and dad has a new cool quotient that i never had before.

>> that's awesome.

>> that is so great. now i haven't seen you in about 20 years and i wondered this morning. i wonder how that benjamin bratt looks.

>> you have not changed.

>> gorgeous!

>> from the "law & order" days.

>> but i haven't seen him in person.

>> i'd say it's the love of a good woman.

>> you did find a great woman. she's beautiful.

>> my wife talisa and i have been married for 11 years. my, how time flies. when you have kids it just kind of increases.

>> what a good looking couple.

>> has she just decided to stay home a little bit more and be mom?

>> she was a working actor when we met. that's how we met actually. but i think her true calling is she likes to put it was always being a dedicated parent. and so we both approach it in a similar way. someone has to earn the bread.

>> that's right.

>> so we love to take turns but --

>> what's in the hopper coming up?

>> another animated film coming now the the fall " cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2." revenge of the leftovers.

>> oh, that's great. that's a good one.

>> that was brilliant.

>> it is, actually. it is.

>> we love you.

>> it's great. thanks for coming to see us.

>> the movie will be another huge hit. you can catch "despicable me 2" at a theater near you.