TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

Cancer survivor who lost 40 pounds gets new look

TODAY contributors Jill Martin and Louis Licari give makeovers to two lucky ladies, including a Michigan woman who survived cancer and lost a whopping 40 pounds.

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>>> we are back on this thirsty thursday, the fourth of july, with a wonderful way to celebrate. it's time for our plaza ambushmakerovers. when we pluck two lucky ladies from the plaza.

>> here with the smashing results, today contributor and stylist to the stars louis licari, la, la, la, la. and contributing editor for "people" style watch, jill martin.

>> happy fourth.

>> happy fourth.

>> how were the pickings?

>> are you kidding? fireworks came early today . the ladies look great.

>> there must be a red head somewhere.

>> so let's meet our first lucky lady. eileen from michigan. she's a cancer survivor . she finished treatment in 2009 and since then has been celebrating life .

>> good for her.

>> occasionally she's thought about changing her look and finally decided to go for with her family's encouragement. let's take a listen.

>> happy 75th birthday. and you didn't want a makeover but you wanted it for your daughter. tell me why.

>> she's a great daughter and has always worked hard and put everybody else before herself. and i think that would be a good deal for her to have that.

>> a good gift for you.

>> yes, it would be.

>> i love that.

>> what do you think about this for your aunt?

>> i'm 11 years old and i've never seen her with a different look.

>> 11 years old. wow. we are going to make you new york city glam. i know you're excited.

>> i am very excited. i can't believe it. i almost stayed in bed this morning.

>> we're so glad she didn't. all right. she's here with her family. her mom jane, her nieces madeleine, molly and emma. her sister-in-law jen and her brother mike . all right, guys. please keep your blindfolds on for just a second. here's eileen before. let's see the new you. fireworks come on show them what you're worth

>> oh, wow.

>> okay.

>> all righty. you ready, guys? take off your blindfolds.

>> eileen , you ready to see yourself?

>> yes.

>> come right here. spin around. unbelievable.

>> oh! oh, my goodness. i know you can't believe it, right?

>> you look fantastic.

>> i feel so glamorous.

>> look right here at camera 12. tell us what you did.

>> i love the hair color .

>> she's beautiful. glamorous. the queen of new york, anna wintour . made a change to the shape of her hair. updated the bob. the bangs. you look fabulous.

>> what does mom think over there?

>> she looks great.

>> kids, what do you guys think? you look pretty surprised. you love?

>> jill, that dress is perfect.

>> she's got a fantastic figure.

>> this is the best reaction we've ever had. this is from maggie london . she lost over 40 pounds. you were telling me you couldn't find a dress that really fit.

>> from maggie london .

>> i'm wearing maggie london , too.

>> thank you.

>> thank you. how great looking.

>> wow.

>> all righty. now we have mary watkins . 49 from ohio. and she said she doesn't wear makeup often but could see herself wearing it more if she had the right shades and color. she's looking for something different to give herself a renewed sense of confidence. let's hear her story.

>> well, kevin is very excited. you can't tell, but i know you want this for your wife.

>> yes, i'm very excited. i can't wait to see what you guys can do.

>> so what do you think she's going to have a totally different look.

>> surprise, surprise.

>> you like that. you seem a little nervous? excited?

>> excited and nervous, both. excited about the makeover. a little nervous about tv.

>> okay. well, we'll take care of the tv part.

>> okay. kevin , ready to see?

>> absolutely ready.

>> all righty. she's here, as you know, with kevin . and let's take one last look at mary watkins before and bring out the new mary watkins . hold on, kevin . not yet.

>> wow.

>> oh, wow. okay. serve lo everybody is looking sensation. take a gander at your bride.

>> oh, my! very nice.

>> yes, mary , turn around and see what he's talking about.

>> yes, i do.

>> oh, my! i love it! it's gorgeous.

>> i knew there would be a red head .

>> i love it. thank you.

>> it's a little red because it is the fourth of july.

>> exactly.

>> and again, this is -- bridget with, again, let's look at the detail to the bangs. the shaping around the face what it did. and the most important thing, she needed to learn a new palette of makeup. they gave her this sthhade to go with her new warm hair color .

>> i love the dress.

>> it's their anniversary and they're going to red lobster , which is the first place they ever went after they got married. so we wanted to give her a fabulous red dress . she picked it out from maggie london .

>> maggie london is having a big day here today.

>> all right. thank you very much. beautiful.

>> eileen , why don't you slip through here.