TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

Last-minute recipes for a delicious July 4 cookout

If you don’t have a holiday dinner planned, chef Alex Hitz of House Beautiful magazine is here to help. He shares a grilled chicken marinade that’s perfect for an Independence Day cookout, accompanied by broccoli slaw.

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>> in today's kitchen, easy last-minute recipes if you're going to fire up the grill. contributing food editor at " house beautiful " magazine. alex, good to see you.

>> so happy to see y'all.

>> y'all, you're from texas?

>> it's georgia, but it's all down there somewhere. the first thing we're going to do is the perfect, million dollar perfect every time grilled chicken . can you get you to help me?

>> start with the marinade.

>> mel says she's not a very good cook.

>> i'm not a very good cook.

>> i don't believe it. we're going to fix it. a little bit of water.

>> little bit of water?

>> willie, here's the wine. water. the whole thing, water.

>> whole thing of water.

>> soy sauce, a little chopped onion, some garlic, and some spices.

>> and you marinate the chicken in this?

>> that's it. throw that in there.

>> garlic. what are the spices there, alex?

>> spices are oregano and dried mustard.

>> i'm getting out of the way of that. no offense, mel .

>> i'm not that bad.

>> there is no way to go wrong here. it's 5 minutes, it's 30 minutes .

>> five.

>> five minutes. 30 minutes . overnight. it's a million dollar recipe, perfect every time.

>> you can live it overnight?

>> 5 minutes, 30 minutes , overnight. doesn't make a difference. no way to go wrong.

>> with chicken, you have to be careful. it has to be properly cooked.

>> it has to be. and be very careful when handling chicken. we're going to flip it over just like that.

>> do you have any rules, chef? how long? is

>> six, eight minutes, depending on the temperature of the pan. once it starts browning up like that, you know it's done. you don't want to overcook it. we haven't overcooked it here. i'm going to say that's just about perfect. mel ? there we go.

>> look at this. feeding each other.

>> i love it. let's do it again.

>> no.

>> didn't work for her.

>> this is good. what's this?

>> super food , gourmet coleslaw with broccoli.

>> with the chicken.

>> why do you love broccoli so much?

>> i love broccoli. antioxidants and nutrients and unbelievable stuff. there you go. broccoli slaw, so, so good. it's a magic combination.

>> that's gorgeous. what's happening with our chicken over here? is it done?

>> we're going to get that done. and in the meantime, we're going to make the best red, white, and blue dessert of all time. right here, a summer berry pavlova.

>> i love a pavlova. you can't beat a pavlova.

>> can i get you to help? this is a meringue i made beforehand.

>> why do i want to throw this?

>> it looks like a frisbee.

>> there's no trick to making a meringue. anyone it do that. it's in " house beautiful " july.

>> is that infused with something?

>> bourbon. there you go. you make the layers like this, and stewed fruit right over the top . a little sugar, a little chambord.

>> we're going to take a break. be right back. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> we are live.

>> we're on tv, and we're making desserts for the 4th of july .

>> we're live.

>> coming up, the thunder from down under.

>> is i love that.

>> mel b. will be back tomorrow. don't miss "america's got talent."