TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

Made in the USA: 11 fun items produced in America

In honor of Independence Day, Clint Carter of Men’s Health magazine shares some items for your closet, your yard and your kid that all support companies that have made a commitment to make products in the United States.

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>>> 4th of july is all about celebrating america, of course. one way to do that is by using american made goods.

>> here with tried and true products is clint carter, senior social editor of "men's health" magazine.

>> happy 4th of july , folks. let's start out by talking about chubby's shorts. this company started in stamford, connecticut, started just a couple of years ago. they already have a very loyal following. i think we have a picture. this is the u.s. army 's 9th infantry regimen here.

>> stationed in afghanistan.

>> looking very handsome in their chubby shorts. looking very sharp.

>> why aren't you wearing them?

>> later today, i'll be wearing them on the beach.

>> is this a bathing suit?

>> you can wear them in the water, why not?

>> let's talk jewelry.

>> dog ear jewelry, made in california. really good way to show state pride because they've got all the little state necklaces there. nothing more than $50. so nice price point.

>> stetson hats?

>> the iconic, known for cowboy hats . of course, made in texas. started in 1865 . a lot of people don't realize they make a lot of other things as well. they make cologne, glasses, shirts, and these sweet fedoras.

>> you like a man in one of these?

>> i do actually.

>> better if i put it on.

>> new balance shoes. most people don't realize this, they're made in the u.s. too. i love these. i wear them around the house. they're more comfortable than my house slippers, which i guarantee aren't made in the u.s.

>> they're the most comfortable sneaker.

>> they're fantastic. about $160. you can go online, customize your own shoes.

>> i like that.

>> you can have them embroider a little saying on the side if you want to.

>> some american classics . football? ada, ohio.

>> baseball. iconic american sports here. these are made in the u.s. wilson football made in ada, ohio. small town, population 6,100.

>> it's american.

>> i know it's american. i've been living here for ten years. stop it.

>> different kind of football.

>> louisville slugger is the classic.

>> louisville, kentucky. made for over 120 years.

>> this one has your name on it.

>> i got it personalized.

>> if you go on their website, they'll personalize a bat for you too.

>> i will.

>> so the american ballplayer.

>> where's my name?

>> got to go online.

>> what is that? we invite her and don't give her a bat.

>> crayola crayons, american classic .

>> of course. it's a great one. they make over 120 colors. so the decision is always which one to choose.

>> these have got to be big in your house.

>> yeah, they are.

>> everyone's got them.

>> popcorn, peanuts, american food here. americans eat more than 4 billion gallons of popcorn, more than 1.5 billion --

>> you just made that up.

>> pounds of peanuts per year.

>> you made that number up.

>> i do eat more than my fair share . hubbard's peanuts in virginia, north carolina , south carolina peanuts. and great american popcorn company out of illinois.

>> delicious. cutting boards.

>> another great way to show your state pride. these are made by a couple, a wife and husband in brooklyn a couple miles from where we stand now. any state you want.

>> i love that.

>> the hammock, my favorite product up here. pawley's make these great hammocks. they've been making them 125 years out of south carolina . super comfortable. great investment there.

>> i'm drooling looking at this. i'm serious. i love a riding lawn mower .

>> iconic american brand. john deere . i drove in on this from tennessee.

>> did you really?

>> no, you did not.

>> got here this morning.

>> good miles per gallon .

>> i just need to get in the cockpit for a few minutes.

>> you drive that and go long.

>> this feels good. may i have this?

>> you may. i brought it for you.

>> i think i should have that.

>> clint carter, thank you so