TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

Rolling Stone names worst band names in history

TODAY’s Willie Geist and guest anchor Mel B chat about topics making headlines today, including Rolling Stone magazine’s new list of the worst band names in rock history. On the list: the Beatles.

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i'm willie geist , along with my very special cohost today, you might have heard from the music, " america 's got talent" judge pawing at me and spice girl medicmel b. thanks for doing this.

>> is thanks for having me.

>> get tired of hearing that song?

>> no, we wrote it. we publish it. keep it coming.

>> you hear the cash register .

>> that's right.

>> at the moment mel b. , aka scary spice , a busy judge on " america 's got talent" with howard stern , heidi klum , howie mandel . how did this come about? it's introduced you to a whole new generation of americans .

>> i don't know how it happened. i'm very thankful i got offered the job. i was living in australia at the time. i thought, you know what, what a great way to get back into l.a.

>> do you ever watch some of those people and just completely roll your eyes and say how the hell did you get on this show?

>> yes, i do a lot.

>> does it happen a lot?

>> i think we have a clip of one. it's had 11.5 million hits. it's a young singer who gives a wild performance.

>> oh, mied god, the young girl .

>> my name is ellen, and i am 6 years old. when we go out, we'll be proud and not be nervous.

>> scary spice is officially scared.

>> i mean, where did that come from?

>> i was terrified.

>> death metal from the belly of a babe.

>> and she looked so sweet and innocent also. crazy, right?

>> she did, but she's possesseded by tpossessed by the devil, as it turns out.

>> stop. that's why i love " america 's got talent." you see everything and anything.

>> since you're a bona fide judge, we trust you on everything. want to give you another clip that's popular now and get your review. this is big online. tell us, is this a talent?

>> let me see. [ dogs howling ]

>> is that something?

>> there's no melody. it's just a howl. there is no melody whatsoever.

>> she's getting technical with dogs. there's no melody, very pitchy. that was nothing?

>> that was definitely not that good.

>> they get the early hook if they come out on the stage.

>> they get booted off.

>> they're gone instantly?

>> gone.

>> i have another question. on the spice girls , when you first get into the room and they're siassigning the name -- you're sporty, you're posh, you're scary. did you want to be posh? how did that work?

>> no, it was a teeny bopper name that named us all, and it stuck. i quite like the name, scary.

>> i don't find you scary. i find you appealing and lovely.

>> is you caught me on a good day. that's why.

>> you're scary?

>> ask my husband. he would say i'm definitely scary.

>> is he here?

>> yes, in bed.

>> oh, he's in bed?

>> yes.

>> you are a busy mother. you've got a 14-year-old, a 6-year-old, a daughter madison who's not quite yet 2.

>> no, she's 1 1/2.

>> keeps you a little crazy, doesn't it?

>> but kids are the life and soul of everything when it comes to my life. yeah, they're just adorable, absolutely adorable. and they tell you if you're not looking right or if you say something wrong.

>> is that right?

>> oh, they tell you. they deliver.

>> they're harsh critics. you put on an outfit, and they're like that's not working.

>> i'm interested in what they're going to say about this today.

>> you listen to your kids. you take it to heart and go change?

>> kids are very honest.

>> they are. it's a bit of a coincidence or ironic moment to have you here on independence day since this is when we separated from our good friends in great britain earlier in 1776 . she said, i probably shouldn't say happy 4th of july . that wouldn't be good coming from me. we've got a bit of a quiz for you, a patriotic quit. firs up, how many hot dogs will americans eat over the july 4th holiday this year? a, 1 million . b, 10 million . or, c, 150 million hot dogs .

>> i'm going to go with b, 10 million .

>> that's incorrect. it's 150 million hot dogs according to the national hot dog and sausage council, which exists apparently.

>> i love a hot dog .

>> it's a good treat. speaking of food, americans can thank england for one of the usa's favorite dishes. is it, a, french fries . b, apple pie . c, the hamburger.

>> it can't be apple pie because we say we're as american as apple pie . is that what you're going to say?

>> yeah. is that incorrect?

>> trick question. it is apple pie . in english, apple pie appears in a 1381 cookbook with the ingredients of good apples, spices, raisins, figs, and pears. we have this thing where we say american as apple pie . apparently, it's as english as apple pie . last one. which city hosts the nation's largest fireworks display? new york city . washington, d.c. or honolulu, hawaii.

>> i'm going with c, honolulu.

>> is i'm afraid it's new york city , right here.

>> really?

>> the macy's 4th of july .

>> macy's. that's what my hair dresser was saying earlier.

>> and usher is doing all the music, coordinating everything.

>> i love him.

>> it's going to be great. our next topic, horrible band names. and we don't bring this up because you're here. the spice girls is a wonderful name.

>> you say that.

>> fantastic. let's go with how the spice girls got their name.

>> i have to say it was jared who actually thought of that name. i would like to take all the credit, but i can't.

>> where does it come from? what does it mean? is

>> i think because we're all different, like the spice of life.

>> " rolling stone " magazine listed the 13 dumbest band names in history. spice girls did not make the list. you're safe. you know who did make the list? the beatles .

>> the beatles is a cool name.

>> it's a play on words. it's the beat, b-e-a-t, on the beatles . but they get a pass because they're such a great band. you don't stop and think about how silly the name is.

>> i don't think it's silly the aall. beatles , i think it's cool.

>> there's a whole genre of artists who get the past. eminem, right? red hot chili peppers .

>> when you say it like that. it's so corporate. now i agree with you.

>> but they're great bands. so you give them the pass. how about nickelback, limp biskit , hoobestank.

>> limp biskit is a little bit odd.

>> terrible. do you have any strange ones?

>> the more strange it is, the more cool it is. the i think different to you.

>> let's look at some lyrics then because apparently band lyrics are being used as pickup lines by some people.

>> i heard about this.

>> there's a video online for a few days. got more than a million views. stars a british guy caspar lee trying to woo women using the lyrics of one direction.

>> i heard this.