TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

Independence Day pop culture round-up

E!’s Alicia Quarles breaks down what’s happening in Hollywood this holiday weekend, including Justin Timberlake’s controversial new music video and “Scandal” actress Kerry Washington’s marriage to NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha.

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>>> maybe this 4th of july you want to take in a new movie, maybe listen to some music.

>> and alicia joins us. looking good in red.

>> we're representing.

>> got the whole thing going.

>> is i like it.

>> let's talk about this weekend. there's a new justin timberlake video out that's causing a stir.

>> this is newly released. seven minutes on. it's a video for his hit single " tunnel vision ." it's causing a stir because you can't really see it there, but all the women are naked. while justin is fully closed as well as timberlake, his producer. i can see people saying this is artistry. this is artistic.

>> how come he doesn't have his clothes off?

>> that's the big issue. people say it's going to hurt him, but "blurred lines" is the number one song in the issue.

>> did you say timbaland was new in the video?

>> no. timbaland is not nude in the video. he was clothed.

>> he was in the video.

>> the men wear clothing.

>> there you go. the men are clothed. women aren't.

>>> another big story , e news breaking last night, kerry washington married, and none of us knew about it.

>> kerry wash, as our headline says, it's not a scandal, but it was a secret. kerry washington got married. my co-worker was the first to get the wedding certificate. she got married in idaho on june 24th . there he is there, his name is nam nnamdi asomugha .

>> i'm a football fan.

>> he plays for the 49ers.

>> she's one of the smartest and nicest people in hollywood. very happy for her.

>> other insights, movie stars .

>>> jamie foxx told me he's going to be hanging out with the family and his kids. i don't believe him. something leads me to believe that he'll be on a beach in miami. sandra bullock says she's going to teach her son louis to set off fireworks. and a road trip from niagara falls to florida with husband and kids.

>> a good normal 4th of july . we talked to usher yesterday. he was in the studio. he's curating the 4th of july fireworks. by that i mean, he's doing all the music but actually doing the fireworks of the there's one named for him. he's very involved.

>> and he actually coordinated the fireworks to go with music. he has all kinds of music, kelly clarkson , jimmy hendricks , kanye. he said he wanted all music to be representative of the diversity of america, something for everyone.

>> my kids cannot wait for despicable me 2, right? that's one of the big ones this weekend.

>> your kids and everyone else. this is expected to bring over $100 million in over the next five days. first "despicable me" is one of the top ten grossing animated films of all time.

>> it's already done big business overseas. it's going to be huge. how are we feeling about "the lone ranger "? some of the reviews haven't been great.

>> the reviews have been really bad. if you go to rotten tomatoes , 23% approval by the critics. by the viewers, 73% approval. parents are going to get really bored. they've got to take their kids somewhere. they're going to see " lone ranger " even if they're not good.

>> alicia quarles with a look at the week ahead.