TODAY   |  July 04, 2013

Regal style: How will Duchess Kate dress royal baby?

As people around the world await the birth of Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s first child, royal style watchers are eager to see how Kate will dress the little prince or princess. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> the arrival of the royal baby could come any day now.

>> lots of people starting to talk about the fashion choice that's will be made for this future king or queen. nbc's michelle kosinski is in london. michelle, good morning.

>> reporter: this will be the first royal birth to be endlessly tweeted about. thissed cou ecould be the first future baby king or queen to wear baby gap . many thought kate is expected to modernize motherhood like never before. we've all watched kate turn even her pregnancy into a colorful, conservative, modern statement that has brits calling her the fashionista of the people.

>> peter pan collars, lots of big buttons, broaches. and i think that's something that could translate to hyde street very easily. she's a dream.

>> i think if you compare kate 's pregnancy versus princess diana , she was wearing smocks, huge smocks with these great big white sort of peter pan on steroids neck lines. kate 's looked pretty great, actually. it's princess pregnancy.

>> reporter: next royal motherhood, the world eager to see how kate will normalize royal baby hood, something princess diana started, dressing adorable william and harry in caps and jeans, just not done. embroidery, and these shoes for victoria's kids. imagine your baby running around in the garden like this, might as well dress up the puppy too. back then for royal children and babies, the clothes were beautiful. william and harry to be considered among the last aristokids to wear rompers. now kate , who regularly wears $50 dresses she got on sale, may toe the line between regal and normal. it's possible this child will spend its first weeks not in the royal palace but in the middleton family home, although by many standards that is a palace. also, william and kate so far have not hired any nanny. kate ?

>> michelle kosinski , thanks.